Some Words Of Advice On Healing Crystals By My Father

Father’s Day is not just a day to shower your hero with gifts and love but also to look back at all the times when he became the superhero in your life solving all your problems. All of us have, at least once looked at our father in awe and wondered how he did it. Okay, let me confess, I have done it more than once! My father has always been my hero. He has always solved problems without even uttering a word of annoyance. But if there is any one thing for which I will forever remain indebted to him are his words of advice. My father had this habit of talking about life in the simplest of ways. He would talk to me about scientific discoveries while fixing tires, talk about how the soul while we would be doing some mundane household chore or even talk about the effects of gemstones in between our reading sessions.

As I grew older my interest in gemstones, crystals, minerals and their healing powers grew. The seed which my father had sown within me (maybe unknowingly) became a love affair for life. I wear gemstones and believe that healing crystals work miraculously on the mind and body. But even after all these years and all the various experiences I have had, I can never forget the advice from father. On this Father’s Day, I want to share some of the things my father had said on healing crystals.

Crystal Healing Is All About Believe


When my father started talking about crystal healing for the first time, I was very skeptical about it. I refused to believe that a stone can have metaphysical properties which can do things which medical science cannot. This is when my father said that crystal healing is all about believing. If you hold a stone skeptically, you will never experience their miracles. However, if you can tell your heart and mind that I have faith in its healing powers, it will show its magic in no time.

Gemstones Connect Us With Mother Nature

My father would often tell me how gemstones are mined. He would also tell me how gemstones acquired their properties over centuries of staying in touch with nature. He would constantly remind me how wearing a gemstone was in a way of keeping us connected to Mother Nature and its many wonders. As sons of the soil we have today moved far away from Mother Nature but wearing these stones can help us keep rooted.

Crystals Balance Our Life

My father was a staunch believer in the Hindu Chakra philosophy. According to Hinduism, there reside seven energy fields within the human body which work individually and together to balance the body and mind. These chakras reside in different parts of the body and have assigned significance. However, due to our lifestyle and how we tend to ignore our body, these chakras get imbalanced, causing illnesses and mental stress. Gemstones and crystals are known to possess properties that help balance the chakras and bring our life back to track. For each chakra, there are specific gemstones that work effectively.

Today, I am also a strong believer in the power of the chakras.


Gemstones Reduce Stress

My old man often jokingly talked about the pressures of having a family. I wouldn’t understand why he would joke about family being a pressure until I had my own family and finally understood what he actually meant. Running a family, doing a job, living the full life, meeting every expectation can become a very tiring process. In other words even before you realize what stress is, you could be stressed and often be suffering from depression. This is again where crystals and gemstones can work as miraculous objects to regain your mental balance.

Gemstones help to relax, calm down and meditate without interruptions. I had often seen my father use gemstones while meditating and this is another habit I picked up from him, quite unknowingly. Today this soothes me tremendously.

Gemstones are not simply ornaments that accentuate your beauty but they are powerful objects that penetrate the mind and soul to bring calm to one’s life. Isn’t it time you started using gemstones?

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