Do Crystals, Minerals, and Gemstones Really Heal

Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Native Americans, Indians, Tibetans, Africans have all from time immemorial
believed in crystals, minerals, and gemstones. They believed that stones have metaphysical properties
that heal physically and soothe spiritually. While societies have seen drastic changes over the centuries,
this belief that crystals and gemstones have healing properties have stood the test of time. So the real
question in today’s age when technology and science have advanced to staggering heights, is whether
there is any truth in this belief? Can gemstones, minerals, and crystals really heal? Do healing crystals
have the power to change a person’s life?


Scientists have been researching to find concrete answers to these questions for a long time. Though
there have not been any scientific evidence whether healing minerals can actually treat physical
ailments, evidence has been seen where people have found relief and solace using crystals and
gemstones. These stones are known to soothe the soul, work on aligning the chakras and bringing
stability to one’s life. Of course, these are things that cannot be ‘physically seen’ but gemstones healing
jewelry powers can be felt.




How Healing Crystals Work

Crystal healers or the real proponents of healing techniques believe that crystals, gemstones, and
minerals work as conduits in the body. They allow positive energies to flow into the body while driving
out negative energies. Of the many crystal healing techniques that have been found in ancient texts and
cultures, the ones that have again become popular today are those that were practiced among the
Chinese and Indians. The Chinese concept of chi and the Hindu belief of chakras are the two most popular
healing techniques practiced in the world. In both these believe, gems and crystals are said to connect
at a physical and supernatural level and bring relief to the body and soul.

Every crystal, gem or mineral known to mankind has unique properties that heal at different levels. Each
of these healing crystals and healing minerals works on one or more chakras, help treat physical ailments
and calms the mind. For example, yellow topaz brings mental clarity, amethyst is beneficial for the
intestines while green aventurine works well for the heart. Crystal healers have various suggestions on
how minerals, gems, and crystals can be beneficial. Most commonly they suggest that wearing these
stones can help. However placing them at a certain part of the body, depending on the problem
identified is also a common practice among crystal healers. Positioning stones on the body help to
directly align the chakras and bring stability to the body. Crystal healers believe that if chakras are not
aligned they give rise to diseases as well as energy imbalances.


Do healing techniques really work big question mark


Do Healing Techniques Really Work

As mentioned above there is no scientific evidence which proves that healing techniques work. However, it
has been seen time and again how after the regular use of crystals and gemstones, patients feel calm
and composed. While their physical illness may not cure, their belief in the positive effect of crystals helps
them overcome mental blocks. Healing techniques are mostly ‘felt’ and thus cannot be scientifically

quantified which makes it difficult for many non-believers to trust crystal healing process. However,
those who have been touched by gemstone healing and felt change can vouch for their effectiveness.


Who Can You Get in Touch With

Unlike medical doctors, you may not find crystal healers easily. Since crystal healing isn’t mostly a
certifiable profession, you will most likely be in touch with a healer whose experience and effectiveness
speak rather than his certificates and degrees. In Asian countries finding a healer is easier as more
people believe in the effectiveness of gems, minerals, and crystals. You can find many Indians wearing
gemstones as jewelry simply because they believe in their effectiveness. However, in the West, you will
have to look out for authentic healers who understand your problem and give you stones according to
your need. There are some Internet-based certification courses that healers can complete but they are
not industry standards.

Crystal, gemstone and mineral healing is mostly belief-based. If you believe that they can help you
soothe your mind and bring physical changes, they will.

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  1. I definitely believe that Crystal’s and healing modalities work. For a long time I knew nothing about it. After many changes in my life I became a Reiki practitioner and also incorporated colour therapy and crystal healing. I’ve seen great results with both my clients and myself! I don’t know how I survived for so long without incorporating Crystal’s and energy into my daily life!


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