Fire Agate – A Blaze of Protection

With dark hues of orange, red, yellow, and brown visible to eyes, fire agate definitely does not get admiration in one sight. I still remember the reaction of my daughter when I placed this stone in her room, “Papa, come fast, there is a dragon egg in my room.” HAHAHA. My innocent angel! Not just her but besides also, I have heard many people murmuring, holding the Fire Agate, “Doesn’t it look like as if some baby snake is trapped inside or some magma has frozen beneath?”

Well, different people, different views. For me, Fire Agate has always been very intriguing and bright. Seeing this stone, I have invariably felt that some eerily hot fire is trapped beneath a clam translucent layer which needs to be released, that this stone has a great deal of energy which can be used to overcome the mental, physical and emotional issues.

Strengthening this feel of mine, here I share an experience with Fire Agate. Back in 2008, I took a business cum leisure trip to New Jersey and decided to stay at my cousin’s place. Chilling and spending time with all of them there, I observed that Joe (my cousin’s 8-year old son) hardly spoke to me. He used to be out for his meals and quickly after the meals used to run to his room. For that matter, the only time I saw him going and coming in the house was at the school timings. His behavior was not digested by me and ultimately after a couple of days, I asked this matter to my cousin.

She replied, “No, Joe is a brilliant child. He gets A grades in all his school subjects and is favorite of all the teachers. But the only problem is that he is unable to make friends there. He is quiet and all alone all the times. He prefers reading and painting rather than playing with kids in the ground. He is kind of shy and I don’t know what to do to make him confident. I have tried all possible measures and am really worried about the future.”

On listening to this, I understood what’s the problem was and knew the method to heal it. I stood up, got my gem box and gave a Fire Agate crystal to her. I explained to her that crystals are the natural form of energy which can heal us in the most organic way. The orange and gold shades of Fire Agate identify with the second chakra of the body which is the chakra of all forms of communication. When this chakra is unbalanced, one goes through fear, frustration, repression of feelings and inability to feel joy. Whereas when the second chakra is in balance, one feels grace, confident and do everything in good spirit.

She understood and thought of trying this with his son. A year later, I got her mail that there is a drastic change in his son. He not only has friends in his batch but also has senior and junior buddies. He is no more a timid-quite-corner guy. He speaks up for himself and goes out with friends to a party. The magic of Fire Agate definitely worked on him.

Coming to my involvement with stone, I place it in my children’s room believing that its energy makes people confident and courageous. At times I gift it to people whom I feel have done wonder in their fields. The stone forms a protective shield from all wicked, jealous souls and keeps the person grounded (too essential after touching the heights of success).

More, this stone is also known for:

  • Improving concentration
  • Overcoming negativity
  • Releasing the anger
  • Raising awareness
  • Bringing inners stability
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Improving night vision
  • Strengthening cardiac muscles
  • Filling in energy
  • Overcoming harmful addictions


Fire agate is certainly a beautiful and powerful stone. If you are actually looking for something which can protect you from evil eyes and lite up the fire inside you then this is the stone for you.

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