Broadcast Good Vibes with Crystal Jewelry

Often I have heard people saying that the vibe around is not so good or the vibe is not positive and happy. It is easy to feel and say it but has you ever wondered, what this entire concept of vibe is all about and how does this feeling come in? Well, vibrations or vibes are the level of energy within our body. Every individual has its own frequency or vibe which is emitted and travels beyond the visual and verbal paradigm, in the universe.

Presently, humans are full of discontent, disharmony, and disappointment. With so much of grievances, disputes, displeasures, and other ill feelings dwelling in our heart, we emit only negative energies to the universe. The universe circulates these energies and sends it to us with 10 times the intensity, creating OUR aura and completing the cycle.

To rescue from this vivacious cycle, crystals are the thing right now. Each chakra in our body relates to specific issues and responds to certain vibrations. The crystals may change this vibration making you feel all happy healthy and awesome inside. Wait, I am not asking you to hold a crystal and meditate quietly for 20 minutes but presenting a better and great idea. Wear your crystal in the form of your super-pretty jewelry. Yes, a ring, a necklace, or for that matter a simple piece of bracelet around your wrist can do wonders in your life.

Wearing the crystals in the form of jewelry not just alleviates the need of carrying them in a pouch and taking extra care but also gives your style an effortlessly distinct and smart look. It is the easiest way to keep your crystal on your body for 24 hours and get shielded from negativities. Here are some of my favorite crystals for same.


Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz


This mighty baby-pink stone activates the heart chakra and promotes positive energy. It restores confidence, raises self-esteem, maintains emotional balance, curbs jealousy and releases stress, anger, and tension. It enhances unconditional love for yourself as well as for others.





It is a crystal of happiness and light. It emits a large amount of positive energy and gents keeps reminding you to live in the present. Citrine encourages in maintaining a positive state of mind, dream big and attract everything that you want in life.





It is a stone of sixth eye and seventh chakra. It is a high vibration and super pretty stone with hues of quaint purple. Amethyst keeps energy vampires out of your personal space and treats all sort of addictions, may it be boozing, fagging, stealing or any other.





Turquoise is the best stone when someone complains of general malaise. It brings in the feelings of satisfaction, peace and eases to the wearer. It makes you extroverts and also powerfully influences others around you.





It is a powerful stone that absorbs negative energy instead of dispelling it. It turns negative energy into fruitful energy and bad situations into blessings.


Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz


Smoky quartz helps you release the old patterns and believes and let you move forward in life. It acts as a protective shield against unwanted energy. It releases the stagnant energy from the body and fills in the open space with hope and light.

Thus, every crystal is special in its own way. They fill in love in your hearts, happiness in your thoughts and magic in your souls, making you a good vibe person. Good vibes and positive aura are too essential in life and one should always amend the vibes inside before talking about the vibe of the thing or place. Just pick the right crystal jewelry aligning your chakra and wallet and spread this awakening of positivity and happiness around.

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