Kambaba Jasper – A Crocodile Variety of Jasper

There are quite a few types of Jasper, each with its distinctive colors and qualities. The one I am writing about in this blog is Kambaba Jasper or Crocodile Jasper. People know it as Crocodile Jasper because of its overall green appearance with dark mystic circles and swirls of black, just like a crocodile. The stone is also known by variation of names like Cumbamba Jasper, Kabamba Jasper, Bambamba Jasper, Green Stromatolite Jasper and Crocodile Rock.

The stone usually occurs in colors of green, brown and black but at the time found in multi-colors too. Often it is confused with nebula stone but remember both of them entirely different in their composition and place of origin. It is procured in South Africa and the nearby island Madagascar.

The Kambaba Jasper is one exotic variety of Jasper which comprises microcrystalline Quartz and Stromatolites. The Jaspers are generally known for channelizing positive energy, removing toxins, eliminating stress, bringing in peace and cleansing the blood but this crocodile-like Jasper has many more attributes. Come let me tell all one by one.


physical healingPhysical Healing

The Kambaba Jasper is known for renewing the organs of the body by cleaning all the toxins of the torso. Any issue with the gallbladder, spleen, stomach, liver, or jaw and teeth, the Kambaba can heal it all. It works on cell enhancement as well as stated to improve the conditions of hair, nails, and skin too.

The stone is also acknowledged for curing digestive issues, boosting the immune system and mitigating the feelings of nausea or regurgitation.


emotional healingEmotional Healing

On emotional grounds, the Kambaba can really clam down the volcano of emotions. It radiates some energy which automatically generates pleasant feelings in the mind. The green color of Kambaba is said to be very good for the heart. It unfolds the heart chakra and generates the feelings of compassion, generosity, and love for others as well as for own self.



spiritual healing

Spiritual Healing

Being a stone of spiritual confidence, the Crocodile Jasper is known for passing upon the wisdom of ancestral energies to the intellect of it’s inherent. It brings prosperity, happiness, and abundance in one’s life. It is also an excellent grounding stone and protects you against all evil energies. The stone should always be kept near in case some paranormal activity is felt nearby.


The stone is good to meditate with. It radiates warm, harmonious energy and completely soothes your mind. It is highly protective and ideally should be carried out for adventurous holidays. At home, you can keep it near exotic pets, tropical fish or near the old people in winter season who just look for heaters or extra woolen to save from cold shivering. More, this green crocodile stone is believed to make pregnancies easy and happy as it increases fertility, creativity and helps in overcoming impotence. You can also place it in the workplace to ward away all unnecessary, unwanted changes and increase the flow of positivity, productivity, and prosperity. If you are born in between April 20 and May 20 then this Jasper is absolutely for you!

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