Trilobites – The Fossil Which Can Heal And Revive You When Worn As A Gemstone

Strange? Captivating? Do you have any idea about trilobite? Well, let me turn back some pages of history to clearly explain the title of this blog.


Some 400 to 500 million years ago, there used to exist sea creatures, Trilobites. They were the incredible marine dwelling anthropods which grew in several spices, sizes, shapes, and purposes. They were among the world’s first anthropods and extinct by the end of the Palaeozoic era, before the age of Dinosaurs. Indeed the diversity of them contributed to a great variety of fossil and the interesting fact is that as a fossil, the Trilobites are found as a whole creature. They used to grow enough to fit into a shell, peel off the free checks, and move out to produce new shells. This unique fossil is majorly found in Utah and has a multitude of healing properties.


physical healingPhysical Healing

The fossil gem nugget is speculated to treat pains/discomforts at primary level. Since ages, it is considered beneficial for eyes stomach and skin. The energy of this stone clams the stress and depression and strengthens the immune as well as nervous system. The vibes of it have the potential for boosting the overall health by circulating the required oxygen in every part of the body, thereby keeping the skin also healthy and beautiful. The heart issues, tissue distortion, lymph system issues, or any kind of muscular swelling, all can be treated with the energy of Trilobite gemstone.


emotional healingEmotional Healing

The resonance of this stone assists the soul to absorb and react to situations. It brings happy dreams soothes the psyche, overcome fears, invokes positive feelings and makes life worth living. It delivers courage to be true to oneself and to speak truth to others. It fosters love in the heart, helps in getting over all those emotions or situations which stop a person to be joyful and maintain healthy relations with kids. It keeps the negativities away, brings in the balance in life and gives the confidence to stand up for own self.


spiritual healingSpiritual Healing

The forces of fossil gem nugget heal the individual spiritually. It releases the tensions, brings in the clam and maintains a smooth connection with the angels of the cosmos. It aligns all the energies along with the free energies of the torso to make a strong connection with the cosmic powers. The stone unfolds the layers of the subconscious mind and helps the individual in attaining spirituality. It raises awareness, brings stability and helps in achieving wisdom.


Overall, Trilobite is an excellent fossilized nugget, whether you try it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Although it is contemplated as a stone of Capricorn and Virgo still is famous for bringing in great success in the business or career of individuals of all sun signs. The black and brown tone of the stone essentially relates to base chakra, bringing about the vitality and vivacity. It keeps the aura of your surroundings pure and enhances the longevity of life.

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