Laguna Lace Agate – The Rainbow of Mother Earth

“When God decided to play with colours, the rainbow came into being,” Yes, the rainbow, the sea, the sky and the living beings are such bewildered creations of God that at times I simply end up muttering “Oh God! How did you manage to do all of it on your own?” Drawing your attention to one such another beauty of great almighty, I would like to introduce the Laguna Lace Agate stone.

With all blessed and vibrant hues of happiness, just like the rainbow of the sky, the Laguna Lace Agate is known as the rainbow of Mother Earth. The bands of white, red, yellow, gold, brown, and scarlet, all are there. I feel this stone has fire and calmness at the same time. It raises your spirits, evokes your compassion, and at the end leaves a pleasurable feeling. The color energy of this stone is captivating and indeed effective in putting off the evil around.

On this agate, you can find bands in form of layers, stripes, specs of colors, “eye” markings, and fossilized inclusions. Sometimes the bands are absolutely colorless as well. Historically it is shown that Agates were discovered when the artifacts of Neolithic people were searched. They used to use it as a healing talisman to keep negativity away from them. The stone was also famous for its medicinal properties in the Greek and Egyptian civilizations and later was imported by Russia and Middle East lands for it’s healing properties.

The Laguna Lace Agate basically belongs to the Quartz family and is a highly praised banded agate in the world. It is found in the areas of Mexico, especially in the mountain ranges of Chihuahua State. Metaphysically, it is considered as a lower intensity stone, the one which vibrates on a lower frequency when compared with other stones but is regarded as a highly strengthening and stabilizing stone. It awakens the lower chakras and lite the inner fires of force, creativity, and sexuality.

laguna laceOn account of physical healing, the Laguna Lace Agate has many accolades. It enhances the ability to perceive the things by improving the functioning of the intellectual torso. It assists in the assimilation of zinc, vitamin A, and D, resulting in healthy growth. It mends lower digestive tract especially colon and provides elasticity to the intestinal walls so that the food gets digested properly and the problem of constipation stays away. This stone also does wonders for the organs like the uterus, stomach, and eyes. It can heal skin disorders including itching due to insect bites and in some cases rescued people from sleepwalking. The Laguna Lace Agate is also known for treating blood vessels, strengthening cardiac muscles and controlling fever to some extent.

laguna laceComing to the emotional healing powers of this stone, I would like to write that at any point in time if you feel clueless or doubtful about your own potential then try this stone out. It is best to tap into your hidden inner potential and take the right decision about it. The stone uproots the feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety and helps to stay positive/optimistic in all situations or changes in life. It motivates you to dream and then to change them into reality. It gives you the strength to balance your inner and outer self so that you always stay in sync with the surroundings, protects your spirit and soul from all dangers, helps in overcoming all kind of emotional turmoils and opens up the heart to receive and reciprocate unconditional love.

laguna-laceOn spiritual grounds, the eminence of Laguna Lace Agate guards against all evil and negativity around. It aligns the spiritual torso with the energies of the cosmos and helps in understanding the divine purpose of creating this world and oneself. The vibes and energy of this stone have an immense soothing effect on chakras at all levels. It intensifies the rational thought process, brings in the confidence to speak the truth and infuses the courage and ability to accept self and people around.



To wrap it, ill only say that buy this stone and feel the hope and colors of the rainbow in your cloudy life.

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