Happiness is a life-long goal for any person. In the “pursuit of happiness,” we make mistakes, fall in love, break our hearts but again rise with the promise that happiness is just around the corner. People find happiness in different forms using different means. For some family means happiness, for others traveling, makes them happy while for someone else just living an independent life is enough to be happy. No matter what happiness means to you, there can be moments in life which distress you making you seek help from philosophers and traditional healers. Use of crystals is an ancient practice that is believed to release mental, spiritual and physical blockages. In order to truly be happy, you need to relax and your body needs to be balanced. It is difficult to achieve all of this without help and crystals are believed to be helpful. Certain crystals are believed to boost your happiness and in this article, we will highlight a few of them.


Abalone – A type of mollusk with ear-shaped shells, Abalone is a durable shell that is known widely for its healing properties. It is made of calcium carbonate with traces of protein and found in bright colors of blue, black, brown, turquoise etc. Abalone is the vessel inside which Mother of Pearl is found. Abalone is believed to be helpful in numerous ways. Keeping the mollusk close to you will enhance your psychic abilities and improve your intuition. It also helps you to emote better and be more expressive. As it helps you in making wise career decisions, Abalone in the process also boosts your happiness.

Ammolite–Amnmolite is a rare, beautiful and powerful crystal that is not only an excellent addition to your jewelry collection but is also a great healer. The ancient crystal has been linked to happiness and mental peace for a long time. The fascinating colors of the stone all signify various emotions, for example, orange denotes creativity, red denotes passion and power, yellow indicates perception while green indicates wealth and development. Wearing Ammolitecan change not only your body but also your soul. The stone is believed to improve the overall condition of your health and also relaxes your mind. The stone helps fight depression and helps find life-long happiness.

Black Golden Seraphinite– Black Golden Seraphiniteis a stone with feather-like markings on it. Apart from being a beautiful crystal, black golden seraphinite helps align your chakras such that not only does your heart and lungs work smoothly but your mind also responds to happiness. Nicknamed the Angel Stone, Seraphinite helps bring peace and harmony into one’s life. The crystal ushers in prosperity, abundance, good health and fortune. Positive energy flows within the body because of this crystal with the help of which you can find peace and happiness in your life. It is also believed that since the crystal helps attain peace, wealth and prosperity automatically follows in.

Diamond –Often called the king of crystals, a lot of things are already known about diamonds. They are one of the best crystals for jewelry and considered a prized possession. But there is more to diamonds that just its physical beauty. It is highly valued as a healing stone – one which heals and brings happiness to one’s life. Diamonds helps cleanse your mind of negative thoughts such that you look at life in a more accepting manner. The stone also opens the spiritual doors for you such that you get the feeling of abundance and fulfillment in life. With the stability of mind in place, diamonds help you to accomplish your dreams thus boosting your happiness in numerous ways.

Libyan Desert Glass – Also known as Libyan Gold Tektite, it is quite an unusual stone and very rare. However Libyan Desert Glass has powerful metaphysical properties which when optimally realized helps a person realize true happiness. It is a golden yellow colored crystal which vibrates strongly with the solar plexus chakra and thus empowers your will to do anything. Apart from strengthening your willpower, Libyan Desert Glass guards you against negative energies so that you can concentrate only on the good. Keeping the crystal closeby while meditating will help you realize your inner happiness and be content in life.



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