Crystals for Headaches, Sinusitis, & Migraines

Headache is a very common ailment, rather it is such a usual phenomenon that at times we don’t pay attention to it. We happily continue working, till the time it goes terrible and comes to a stage of blasting. Now at this unbearable stage, looking for quick relief, most of us simply pop in the painkillers like Seridon, Disprin, Ibuprofen or Advil; the medicines which are really effective but truly harmful. On an average, if you pop in two medicines a month also, then the figures add up to 24 medicines a year and do you know what these 24 artificial painkillers do to your body?


Well, well, not going so deep, I know how terrible these headaches are, how from a small nuisance pain it grows to a full-blown migraine. Even I am a patient of a migraine but instead of popping up medicine every time, I resort to a natural remedy of my ailment. As the feeling of pain starts in my head, I step away from my computer, lie down peacefully for a few minutes with crystal on my head and feel a lot better. I don’t let it grow to a blasting stage and when after the crystal therapy, I come back to work, I feel more tranquil and better.


My crystal for relief from all such headaches is Selenite. With a moon-like glow, Selenite is a very powerful yet delicate stone. It embraces high- frequency and is extremely peaceful. The crystal is mainly found in regions of Europe, Australia, Japan, Argentina. Along with many other healing properties, Selenite is basically known for unblocking the stagnant energy, and induce a wave of positive energy. More, as far as my logic works, I feel headache is nothing more than an energy blockage in your head and to remove this block, Selenite is the best stone.


You just need to lie down in a quiet room with Selenite on or near your head and let it wok for 15-20 minutes. If you want, along with Selenite, you can combine Amethyst too. Amethyst is a pain relieving crystal. It not only relives from worst of a headache but also from fatigue and exhaustion which are the common cause of pain in the head. More, the other options which can give you quick natural relieve include:


Clear Quartz: Clear Quarts is a powerful meditative stone which on combining with other stone double or triple the power of that other stone in healing the headache. Just keep this crystal in between the primary curing crystal and you.


Aquamarine: The soothing energy of Aquamarine is the key to its medicinal values. It is a powerful solution to all your headaches and migraines. It activates the throat chakra and sharply nullifies negativity by bringing in positivity.


Moonstone: This is another option which not only eases a headache and sinus pain but also fixes the strain in the neck. It is a very calming stone and completely relaxes you then and there.


Angelite: This soft blue greyish stone is excellent for calming down fear, anger, and feelings of stress. It associates primarily with the throat and crown chakra and heals headaches completely.


Turquoise: If meditated as a center of a crystal grid kept on brow chakra, turquoise is really effective in relieving tensions and headaches. It is intensely protective and calming to the wearer, eradicates migraine and makes you 100% productive in like no time.


So, now whenever the ache starts in your head, pay attention to it and instead of taking a medicine, try to heal it with this beautiful natural therapy. Just a disclaimer, don’t use the crystal therapy as a replacement for your regular medical care. I am not a doctor, I am just a crystal lover and I love to help people with my experiences. I believe in more of natural healing than of chemical healing and thereby suggest you to try and find out your stone as I found out Selenite for easing my headache.


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