Pyrite is less than the gold but worth the shine

Often called as “Fool’s Gold” Pyrite has its own story behind it. Owing to its high similarity with gold, it was used by some dishonest mine owners to convince the authorities that the mines are still producing gold so that their minds don’t shut. Besides these, there is nothing foolish about this stone. It looks like gold but is little lighter in color and is harder and brittle.


In ancient times, Pyrite was extensively used for making jewelry. It was extremely admired and considered as a stone of worth by the native Indian tribes of America who believed it to be a magical crystal and used it as a stone on a ring and as a decorative on jewelry boxes, badges and etc. Also, it was very popular in England during the Victorian age but gradually with time, the charm has decreased. It is almost found in all the parts around the world but Peru is one of the prominent producers of it.


The word Pyrite comes from a Greek word ‘pry’ which means fire. Combining the energy of both fire and earth within this stone, it is considered to be very masculine in power and nature. The healing benefits of it include:


pyrite physical propertiesPhysical Healing

Pyrites the best stone for ideal health and well being as it draws all the energies from the universe around and is believed to activate the nourishing energies in our body by it. It quickly brings out the actual reasons for ailment while examining the body and helps in getting rid of the psychosomatic diseases.


The crystal also protects you from environmental pollutants as well as the infectious diseases like cold, cough, influenza, and other fungal and bacterial infections. It controls the body temperature at the time of fever and is an excellent protective stone for medical workers and caregivers.


Adding to the list, it increases the oxygen breaking mechanism in blood, strengthening the circulatory and respiratory system. It alleviates asthma, bronchitis, and assists in the treatment of the bones.


pyrite emoEmotional Healing

Pyrite is a crystal of positive energy which is known to pull out the person from the walls of his negative thoughts, misfortune, melancholy, and despair. It acts as a mirror to oneself where helps you in figuring out the reason for turmoil and work on a solution for them. It lets you see the truth behind the words or actions did for you. It is an empowering stone which encourages to overcome fears, doubts and take action in that direction. It brings in the confidence and dynamism required to accomplish your goals.


pyrite sprSpiritual Healing

Pyrite is an excellent stone of expression and manifestation. It should be placed on the third chakra in the hands and at the base chakra for optimum functioning of the spiritual self in this physical world.



As such it does not associate with any zodiac sign and is not even a birthstone but still meditating with it in hands bring an instant burst of energy and peace. It is a good crystal to be placed in office and workplace as it keeps away the negative and evil energies and attracts lots of wealth and good luck.

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