Sunstone – as radiant and vibrant as sun

Have you ever seen a gorgeous spectrum of colors which sun brings with it while rising beneath the horizon? The hues of red, orange, brown, golden fill in the sky and marks the new start of a day. Likewise, the sunstone emitting the same shades fills in the life with new joy, enthusiasm, strength, and compassion. Combining the radiance of the sun and the fire of the solar ray, the sunstone is a very beautiful and protective stone. It gets its energy from the sun god Ra, whose energy brings life to almost everything existing on earth.


Sunstone is a member of the Feldspar family with some traces of goethite and hematite on it. It was a very uncommon stone until the large deposits of it were found in South Norway. The other countries where it is found include Siberia, Utah, Virginia, New York, Oregon, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The stone is found in both opaque and transparent forms and has a heart full of healing properties.


sunstone-phyPhysical Healing

Sunstone is believed to regulate and harmonize all the organs. It stimulates self-healing powers and is very good for digestion, metabolism, and vitality. It can easily soothe cramps, fever, infections, arthritis, or any athletic injury. It is an excellent stone to get rid of nightmares and depression and is effective in curing sore throats, stomach tension, and mouth ulcers.



sunstone-emoEmotional Healing

Effective in cleaning the chakras and aura of human beings, Sunstone really gives the person mental clarity and emotional stability. It removes the wearer’s dependency on others and inculcates the sense of self-empowerment. It helps the people who hold their feelings because they think themselves to be low or unworthy and also to the ones who find it difficult to say, “NO”. The stone springs in a beautiful band of positive energies and thoughts and lets it resides inside, blocking its drainage.


sunstone-sprSpiritual Healing

Sunstone relates to the faith of human beings. It is really good for missionaries and people alike who have devoted themselves selflessly towards the welfare of humanity. It adds grace to one’s attitude, makes him active and joyous in all his endeavors. The stone carries the yang energy which balances well with the yin energy of Moonstone. The pairing of Sunstone and moonstone is believed to bring in the power of god and goddess and therefore recommended to a lot of people to wear.


Brimming with all cherry glow of good vibes and potent energy, the sunstone is a perfect sunblock to all the toxic energies around. The brown and red shades of the stone are best for healing the root chakra where all the kinesthetic movements and feelings reside. The orange and pale golden shades heal the sacral chakra from where all the transmission of energy from mind to body and vice versa takes place.


This stone is full of joy and ecstasy. It inspires feelings of abundance, good nature, leadership skills and expanded consciousness. It attracts good luck and great opportunities and therefore should be kept in office or workplace.


To end, every morning when the sun rises and offers us a new day, let the sunstone be your companion to start the day with full confidence, power, and warmth in your soul.


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