7 great crystal pairings that can create a next-level healing effect

When crystals are brought together in a set geometric pattern (called grid formations) their effects indeed change to a great extent. Some stones get extra awesome under the influence of other while the energy of some simply gets diluted. Making a right geometric pattern and knowing a right combination of crystals is definitely a work of expertise. For the people who are new to this natural healing world, I would like to suggest to start with the following simple and great pairing of crystals that can create super amazing healing effects.

ROSE QUARTZ + GARNET  – To be placed in the bedroom or on the person.

Rose Quartz plus Garnet is a super combination when it comes to romantic love. We all know the essential ingredients of successful romantic life and the pairing of both works out well on each of ingredient. Rose Quartz increases the intimacy feel of content and romance while Garnet works on stimulating your kundalini, commitment and sexual attraction towards each other. There are other variations of Garnet also which help attract true help and it is amplified by Rose Quartz.

ROSE QUARTZ + CARNELIAN  – To be placed in the bedroom or on the person

Owing to an unhealthy lifestyle, conceiving a child has become a prominent issue. The pairing of Rose Quartz and Carnelian is ideal to promote fertility and connection. Rose Quartz brings back the lost romance and Carnelian regulate the woman’s cycle, promoting fertility. They in pair heal out the imbalances of energy required to conceive a healthy baby.

CITRINE + JET – To be placed on the office desk

Looking for attracting positive business luck, unlimited success and abundance of great opportunities then try the combo of Citrine and Jet. Citrine is known to promote prosperity in all areas, especially in the field of business and Jet has a deeply grounded, stable and strong energy which keeps the pursuits focused. The pair in all ensures financial stability and helps you in quickly jump to the next step in your business or the carrier.

AMETHYST +MOONSTONE – To be placed on the bedside table or in a dream pillow

A sound sleep of at least 7 hours is just to have a healthy body and a great day ahead. The stone which in pair work amazing for your sound sleep are Amethyst and Moonstone. They help you to let go of all the stress in your mind, improve the quality of your sleep and make your dreams memorable one. This pair ceases the nightmares, induces the moons’ sleepy energy in you and recharge you in the night.

GOLDSTONE + OPALITE – To be placed on the person or on the personal altar

Made by man, both of these stones carry strong manifestation energies. Opalite energy is all about exploring your true self and finding your truest desires. Goldstone shines up your luster and pushes you towards personal enhancement through self-reflection. It directs your energy in healthy things and helps you in figuring out what you want to be, where you want to go and what are your strengths. The combo of these imparts you confidence, acceptance, and direction.

AMETHYST + CELESTITE – To be placed on a highly visible area, bedside table or on the person

This is an incredible pair to release all stress and anxiety. Celestite is an amazing soothing stone which cleanses up the aura, encourages positivity and discards all negative thoughts or anxiousness inside you. When Celestite is paired with Amethyst, all the disturbed areas of life come back to balance and you feel a great deal of calm inside.

APACHE TEAR + SMOKY QUARTZ – To be placed on the person

This combination helps in overcoming the deep-seated grief in the heart. Grief is typically a sad feeling due to either a heartbreak or loss of some loved one. Apache Tear cuts through all these intense energies and translates them into something lighter and manageable. It clears the blockages that a heartbreak, stress or sadness create. Once this is worked upon, Smoky Quartz adds to it by further dissolving the upsetting energies and bringing in happy vibes.

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