Best Crystals For Love And Relationship

Believing in the power of crystals can bring many changes in your life. From feeling confident about seeing an improvement in your physical health, there are numerous ways crystals affect the body and mind. One of the basic things to remember about crystal healing is how it can bring monumental changes to your life only if you continue to believe in its powers. Just like a house cannot be built in a day similarly belief in crystals cannot happen overnight. You will have to notice the minute changes crystal healing brings to your life. Crystals are believed to be very effective in matters of love and relationship. While there are hundreds of crystals that have healing powers only a few are effective when it comes to woes of the heart. Keeping the following kinds of crystals can heal and change your attitude towards love and relationships.


  • Blue John –Blue John is a type of Fluorite and is considered to be one of the collectible crystals by mineralogists and crystal healers alike. fluorite is different, soft, and glassy and comes in vibrant colors. The internal structure of a Fluorite looks much like the human mind because of which it can bring positive changes to a person wearing it. It brings stability and order to an otherwise scattered and discordant mind. Blue John, a variety of Fluorite is a powerful crystal and can make help a person trust, pursuit new things and make wise decisions. Blue John resonates with the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra and thus brings calm and peace of mind. When maintaining relationships become stressful, Blue John helps maintain balance. The crystal can help to be impartial and unbiased in matters of love and relationships.


  • Charoite–Charoite is quite a rare stone as it is exclusively mined from eastern Siberia, Russia. In fact, it was unknown to the world about 40 years back. But know whoever has been touched by the energies of Charoite can vouch that it is an extraordinary stone with magnificent healing properties. The crystal is found in similar shades of violet, purple and lavender. Believed to be a stone of transformation, Charoite can help you open your heart to your loved ones. It also ushers in unconditional love that is almost a pre-requisite in any relationship. Since Charlotte has the power to surround you with love, all negative energies are driven out from your system. The crystal also reduces stress, apart from helping in regulating blood pressure and pulse rate.


  • Green Tourmaline In Quartz – Verdelite the other name for Green Tourmaline in Quartz is considered to be one of the best healing crystals known to mankind. It helps wholesome energy flow through a person’s body without interruptions. Some even call the Green Tourmaline the masculine heart energy of Pink Tourmaline (considered to have feminine energies). Green Tourmaline opens and aligns the heart chakra. It also connects a person with Divine Love. The green-colored crystal opens the heart to positive energies so that you can see things from the heart. This is one of the unique and endearing qualities of Green Tourmaline as it helps you in maintaining your love relationship.


  • Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz is a pink colored crystal that is often called the stone of unconditional love. It’s calming and reassuring energies not only help you in maintaining your relationship but also helps you open your heart up. Apart from enabling you to express feelings and emotions for others Rose Quartz also encourage you to love yourself, thus assisting in inner healing. The crystal helps in restoring harmony and trust in a relationship. The soft hues of the crystal have the ability to slowly replace negative energies from your heart and make a place for empathy, openness, and sensitivity.


  • Smithsonite– Smithsonite is a colorful crystal found in various colors of pink, purple, green, yellow, lavender, blue, brown and white-gray. The stone has a silky luster and is also called Zinc Spar. Not only is Smithsonite a powerful healing stone but is also known to boost the psychic abilities of a person. Simply keeping Smithsonite close to your work desk can help you heal from emotional trauma. By energizing your heart, Smithsonite also brings back compassion into your life.

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