5 Healing Crystals for Skin

The power of crystals was known to man for a long time but with the advancement of modern medicine, their relevance was lost and people stopped believing in their effectiveness. But this is changing again. In spite of relying on medicines for curing physical ailments, today many people, including celebrities, are trying crystal healing. Crystal healing is a traditional practice which relieves one from pain, stress, depression and surprisingly also helps in skin care. What rounds of salon trips cannot do, crystals can achieve – that gives you glowing skin. There are some crystals which if used properly can help enrich your complexion and get rid of blemishes, wrinkles, acne etc.


Here are some healing crystal that will improve your skin


1. Mexican Bird’s Eye

Mexican Bird’s Eye is a powerful healing crystal that can heal the skin. Apart from physically healing the skin, Mexican Bird’s Eye also helps improve communication. The stone which has featured bands swirling together in colorful patterns, it is mainly mined from Mexico – hence the name. Mexican Bird’s Eye is known to be very effective if used while meditation. It also helps resolve unfinished business. Apart from all this, Mexican Bird’s Eye improves the physical condition of the body. It boosts the immune system, helps the kidney and liver to improve their resistance power. It is also very effective in skin care as it helps treat rashes and many other skin problems.

2. Chrysanthemum

Also known as the Flower Stone, Chrysanthemum symbolizes joy and optimism. The stone has representations similar to that found on its namesake flower. Known to provide calm and reflective energy, Chrysanthemum also promotes change and harmony. Keeping the crystal close by can help you “bloom” and realize your self-worth. Chrysanthemum is believed to be highly beneficial for the skin. It helps deal with skin disorders. From helping to reduce blemishes to fighting acne, Chrysanthemum helps in numerous ways. The stone is also believed to be a fertility crystal and according to much traditional belief, pregnant women should keep it close to themselves during their gestation period.

3. Ethiopian Opal

Believed to boost psychic abilities of a person, Ethiopian Opal is also known to be a great natural cure for skin problems. The crystal is known to help concentrate during meditation and improve intuition. Since the water content in Opals is very high, Ethiopian Opal like other types of Opal are mostly found in the color white with tints of other colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue, green and brown. Ethiopian Opal is known to be beneficial for the eyes, hair, nail, and skin. The crystal strengthens eyesight and balances the body’s water content which ultimately makes the skin glow and looks hydrated.

4. Fluorite

Fluorite is a crystal composed of calcium fluoride. It is mostly transparent or translucent. While colorless Fluorite is very common, you may also find colored crystals of purple, green, blue, pink or yellow. Sometimes Fluorite is also found in the combination of various colors. Known to be a protective crystal, Fluorite helps to keep control of the mind. It helps to effectively stop negative energies from entering the mind. If negative energies threaten your relationship, Fluorite helps keep them away. Fluorite also helps to calm and relax your mind. However, if you are looking for a stone that is also helpful in solving skin problems, Fluorite is the perfect crystal for you. It has the ability to treat ill conditions of the teeth. A clear fluorite is especially helpful for those troubled with numerous skin problems.

5. Matrix Opal

Matrix Opal is a spectral delight in the sense that it is composed of numerous colors which like lightning in a rainbow looks beautiful every single time. The crystal is known to soothe the eyesight, instigate love, and bring happiness and innocence back to one’s life. Matrix Opal is also known to be a harbinger of luck. Apart from helping strengthen your mind, Matrix Opal is also known to be beneficial for the skin. Just like other types of Opal, Matrix Opal also helps hydrate the body and balance the water content. Keeping the crystal close to self (you can simply carry it inside your bag if you do not want to wear it) can drastically improve your skin’s condition.

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