Top 5 Crystals To Increase Positivity

There is no doubt that medical science has exponentially grown with the help of modern innovations and technology. Yet there are areas of human mind and reasoning that haven’t been conclusively answered by science. Belief, faith, and trust are strong emotions that can cure an ailing man and also destroy a proud soul. Crystal healing is an alternative form of cure that has a rich history and is followed in different parts of the world in various forms but hasn’t been proved by modern science yet. Crystals are not simply minerals mined from the crevices of the earth but they are powerful stones that can heal anything – from physical ailments to mental trauma.

Among the many ways in which crystal healing is effective, increasing positivity is one of them. A positive mind can achieve success, live a fulfilling life, face the challenges of life and have a never die attitude. There are certain crystals that help to keep the mind positive by driving out negative energies. Let us take a look at some of the crystals that increase positivity.

  • Ammonite –As a powerful fossil, Ammonite’s unique shape symbolically represents its power to heal. The spiral-shaped crystal stimulates life force from within the soul. It also activates Kundalini awakening and re-energizes the chakras residing within every human body. But most importantly what Ammonite does is it attracts prosperity, good health, and success. Ammonite has the ability to draw out negative energies from the human mind and through its spirals “flush” out unwanted thoughts. By doing so it makes space for positive thoughts to enter the mind from where they guide a person towards success and good health.


  • Marcasite -Marcasite is a crystal with metallic shine which sparks when struck with a flint. Though quite a brittle stone, Marcasite is considered a talisman that increases a person’s positive attitude and helps him succeed in life. Keeping the crystal close to your body will help you express better, will widen your wisdom and will give you courage. Marcasite allows you to enter your conscious mind and do things in a harmonized manner. The stone prevents you from getting angry or upset but rather assists in balancing your life.


  • Onyx – Whenever negative energies seem to weigh you down, try to keep an onyx close by. This crystal is called a powerful protection stone and has the ability to transform the ill energies into positive thoughts and actions. Onyx doesn’t let your positivity die but in fact, helps in making you emotionally and physically stronger. The crystal is especially helpful if you are battling stress, grief, and confusion. Onyx also helps in making better decisions. Since the crystal heralds positivity, it also opens the doors of happiness and good fortune. It provides you with the strength and self-discipline that is required to succeed in life. You can also keep onyx close by when you are meditating.


  • Opal–Opal is a colorful stone that flashes out different hues when played with light. Opal is not only a pleasant stone that can be used for jewelry making but also inspires a person to love and hope. The crystal brings innocence and purity to your life and also luck and happiness. It is a supportive stone that helps you in your difficult times. The stone helps bring your emotions and feelings to the surface so that you can understand your situation and take necessary action. In other words, Opal helps to cleanse you of ill thoughts, resentment, and fear so that you can live a positive life filled with optimism and self-believe.


  • Shell –Shells are not often regarded as crystals but because they have metaphysical properties they are considered powerful and helpful. Shells are protective stones that increase a person’s ability to see the positives in varying life situations and also safeguard him from negative energies. Shells stimulate a sensitive mind and help improve intuition. Shells also help one adapt to different situations easily. Shells come in different shapes and sizes. The varying shapes of shells have a varying aura and metaphysical properties but above all types of shells give a positive aura that helps a person to succeed in life.

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