Can seashells also heal?

Originated under the deep ocean, the seashells have their own beauty and story. If we turn back to the days of childhood, I am sure we all must have picked seashells from the seashores and decorated either our house or our body with it (in the form of jewelry). But how many of us actually know that these shells have healing energy too?


Well, telling you about these energies ahead, let me first tell you about seashells in brief. What are seashells? Shells are not exactly a gemstone or mineral. It is basically the exoskeletons of mollusks like snails, oysters and etc. The shells have three distinct layers and are composed of calcium carbonate with a small amount of protein(only 2%). Shells had a wide use across the globe. Many ancient societies used them as currency, tools, ornaments, and spiritual objects. The inhabitants of North America and Israel made beads out of the shells, put together in some thread and wore it as a piece of jewelry. The Hindus still use the couch shells to keep the holy water.


Containing the essence of the powerful yet subtle energies of the oceans, the healing effects of shells include:


Physical healing: Shells can be used for the treatment of calcium deficiencies. It mends the broken bones with the enhancement in the assimilation of Vitamin A, D. It strengthens the circulatory system, protects the muscular system from atrophy and sets right the dysfunctions in the spinal canal and nervous system. It also renews the physical energy of the wearer and is effective for issues like communication and speech.


Emotional healing: Seashells are known to relax the emotions and bring peace within oneself. It provides boundless growth in all areas of life, stimulating imagination, adaptability and assisting sensitivity. It is impactful on one’s learning and retention capabilities and bestows with great intuitive and artistic energy. It lets go the past, allows cooperation between self and others and helps in unfolding the most beautiful future.


Spiritual healing: Symbolising the water and moon, shells have the great efficiency to make an individual expressive, clam and soft-hearted. It reduces stress and accelerates the healing process at the spiritual, physical, and emotional levels. It is associated with the third eye chakra of opening vision, intuition, and spiritual insight. When used in meditation, it connects you with the spiritual masters, making a perfect balance between healing, growth, and wisdom.


Known as the stone of purification and regeneration, these vacated houses of marine animals are found all over the world. The Mississippi River Valley, Sumeria or Europe, the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Pre-dynastic Egypt, antiquated England and excavations of grave sites in Saxon Germany and North America, all are brimming with beautiful shells of different colors. The pink colored shells are regarded as most valuable while the colors like orange, brown, white, black follow.


The bigger, the better it is. If you want a wave of positivity and calmness around, pick the most huge and attractive shell from underwater or buy from us.

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