Top 5 Crystals For Detoxification

It is commonly said that our body is a temple which needs to be worshipped, cleansed and purified regularly. Just as the mind needs to be free of negative thoughts, the body needs to be cleaned of all impurities and negative energies. This is very important for healthy living. With the help of crystal healing, you can not only walk the paths of spirituality to clear your mind but also cleanse your body of toxins that regularly threaten to disrupt the balance. There are crystals which have powers to heal the tired mind and there are also crystals which have the ability to relax a tired body. In truth, there are crystals which help to detoxify and feel rejuvenated. These stones, when worn or simply kept close to a person, helps to lift negative energies, re-balance the chakras and basically help a person lead a happy, fulfilled life. In this article, we shall take a look at five crystals which are ideal for detoxification.


  • Azurite – Azurite is a copper carbonate hydroxide based mineral that is most commonly found together with malachite. Azurite is known to be a powerful healing stone as it helps to heal. Azurite is known to work on the third eye chakra and guides a person towards the spiritual realm. Apart from aligning and attuning the body, Azurite also helps to dissolve blockages that impair the energy to flow smoothly through the body. Azurite also helps to physically heal from numerous problems. Known to help treat problems with the throat, this crystal works to heal arthritis and joint problems. The crystal repairs and heals the kidney, liver, gallbladder, thyroid, teeth, and skin. Above all Azurite helps to detoxify and suck out all the negative energies that spread illness along the body.


  • Bloodstone–Bloodstone is a deep green chalcedony with small dots of red jasper. The beautiful crystal is known as a healing stone which helps the mind, body, and soul. Bloodstone helps to ground negative energies, cleanse the body and purify it. Most importantly the stone helps to detoxify the body. Bloodstone helps to find love in any situation, enhances the power of the mind, brings clarity of thoughts and helps understand otherwise unfamiliar subjects. For long Bloodstone has been used to increase strength and energy. It is known to remove the blockages that are the breeding ground of negative energies. Bloodstone brings clarity and helps understand difficult situations. Most importantly Bloodstone is a cleanser crystal that purifies the blood, detoxify the liver, spleen, and kidney.


  • Celestite – Celestite is mostly a colorless crystal with some varieties coming in shades of blue, green, red and brown. It is a transparent or translucent stone that has a glassy, waxy glow. Celestite is believed to be a healing stone and is especially effective for the eyes, ears, and mind. The crystal helps remove toxins from the body and clear the digestive system. As a detoxifying crystal, Celestite helps the body to function smoothly. It is also believed that Celestite attracts luck and peace. The stone also brings balance to one’s life and helps come close to the truth.


  • Danburite – Danburite is a crystal composed of calcium boric silicate and is largely known to be a collector’s item as it is quite a rare stone. Nevertheless, Danburite is known for its healing properties and helps heal both the mind and soul. Danburite is known to be an energy stone which has excellent healing power. The stone is believed to vibrate with pure and sweet energies which are gentle and powerful at the same time. One of the most striking qualities of Danburite is that it helps to connect the mind with the heart and the heart with the mind. The stone is believed to be especially helpful in cleansing the third eye and crown chakras. It helps to relieve one of emotional pain. Danburite is known to help detoxify the body of allergies and chronic conditions of the liver and gallbladder.


  • Garnet –Garnet is one of the most beautiful looking stones that have healing powers. The stone helps purify the energies of the body and helps get rid of toxins that pollute the body. Garnet helps cleanse not just the body but also the mind and spirit. As a healing crystal, Garnet helps to regain balance, feel protected and harness one’s inner strength. Keeping the crystal close will help in self-empowerment and higher thinking. Garnet is also known to detoxify the body of impurities, especially those found in the blood, heart, and lungs.

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