5 Healing Crystals For Insomnia

Insomnia or lack of proper sleep is distressing, to say the least. After a long and tiring day, you fall on your bed in the hope of immediately shutting your brain and letting your body relax. Just the mere thought that a good long sleep will help you feel recharged and rejuvenated makes you drop on the bed eagerly. Alas, this isn’t to happen if you suffer from insomnia – the dreadful state of sleeplessness when you cannot sleep for long hours at a stretch or when even after bouts of trying to sleep you feel tired. Taking sleeping pills is one of the most common ways to deal with insomnia. Unfortunately, it isn’t one of the best advice given by doctors as sleeping pills are detrimental in the long-term. Taking help of crystals are becoming quite popular among insomniacs as crystals help open the energy blocks that prevent sleep. Crystals can be said to have magical properties which help to recharge not just your body but also your tired soul. Let us take a look at 5 crystals which help heal insomnia.


  • Moonstone–Moonstone is a powerful yet mysterious crystal that is known to be very ancient. The talisman for those undertaking an inward journey, Moonstone can help you look deep within yourself and your soul. It is believed that Moonstone has the power to influence our emotions, behaviors and spiritual growth. The crystal which is popularly used in jewelry making is a sacred stone among Indians and is a traditional wedding gift. Apart from enhancing one’s personality, Moonstone helps deal with problems of sleeplessness. When kept close to self, especially during the night, Moonstone helps not just to sleep but also sublimely enhances one’s personality. Mostly found in shades of blue, peach, gray and white, Moonstone helps calm your sleep and aids in lucid dreams.


  • Sapphire –Sapphire is a magnificent crystal known for its vibrant hues. The crystal has for ages been a sign of royalty and wisdom. The blue-colored stone has been considered sacred by all traditional civilizations from age immemorial. Apart from being a striking crystal, Sapphire is also a powerful stone that helps heal the body, mind, and soul. Sapphire is believed to be a symbol of power, of protection, of strength and of kindness and wise decisions. There are many ways that Sapphire can help you. It helps discover fraud and treachery, prevents skin diseases and fever and helps increase concentration. Sapphire is also known to be a cure for insomnia as it soothes the body and mind by its calming presence.


  • Amethyst – Amethyst is a powerful crystal known not just for its stunning beauty but also its calming effect on the body, mind, and soul. Amethyst is known to soothe, stimulate and bring out the best in a person. The crystal which is today very popular among jewelry makers was in ancient times considered to be the Gem of Fire. Known for its numerous metaphysical properties, Amethyst is often referred to as nature’s tranquilizer. The crystal, when placed below your mattress or pillow, helps to cure insomnia. Amethyst also helps to relieve obsessive compulsive disorder. The stone also helps cure nightmare and replaces bad dreams with pleasant ones.


  • Chrysoprase–Also known as Green Chalcedony, Chrysoprase is a good looking green-colored stone that helps bring joy, happiness into your life while dispelling depression and anxiety. Primarily found in Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, South Africa, Poland, Tanzania, Australia and the USA, Chrysoprase is known for its numerous metaphysical properties. Among the many ways in which Chrysoprase can help you, treating your insomnia is one of them. This green-colored stone has the ability to make you feel rested after a proper night’s sleep. The best way to see the effects of Chrysoprase is by keeping the crystal below your pillow while sleeping. Chrysoprase also helps to heal eye problems while strengthening eyesight. The crystal also helps to balance the body after a bout of illness.


  • Hematite–Primarily composed of iron, Hematite is a dark-colored stone that is commonly found all over the world. Hematite has the power to keep you spiritually and physically safe. Just keeping the stone close by helps to drive out any bad aura which is replaced by good and positive energies. Hematite is believed to be a cure for sleeplessness, especially when it is because of anxiety and stress. The crystal helps to calm your senses and allows you to sleep peacefully.

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