5 Crystals For Abundance And Prosperity

Financial security is something every person aspires for himself and his family. If finance is not your strong point and you constantly find yourself amidst professional and self-professed financial gurus advising you how to save, how to earn more etc., you immediately need to sit down and think for yourself. How long can you let others decide for you? How long can you wait for things to improve? Is saving for the future through “right investments” the only way to achieve financial security? If these are questions that you have no answers to, maybe it is time to go alternative. Crystal healing known to be very effective for calming the mind and soul is surprisingly filled with qualities that can help you smoothly lead your life. Many crystals are known to bring in abundance and prosperity when used correctly. In this article, we will tell you about five crystals that can bring in prosperity and abundance into your life.

• Aventurine – Aventurine is a green-colored pleasant crystal known to harmonize, comfort and protect the heart. It is believed that Aventurine can also bring love into one’s life. However what the stone is most famous for is that it brings in luck and abundance to one’s life which is soon followed by success. Aventurine has a soothing energy which helps overcome emotional turmoil. The crystal especially works on the heart chakra and helps keep the heart young and healthy. Known to be a good luck stone, Aventurine attracts money and power. It is believed that if Aventurine is kept in cash boxes then it attracts money and keep the box full, always.

• Citrine – Citrine carries the power of the sun and is a powerful stone that transforms life. Known to be a stone of manifestation and imagination, Citrine helps improve one’s will. The crystal stimulates the chakras, cleanses them and helps stir the soul. Citrine also has the power to awaken one’s creativity and imagination. The stone helps to transform dreams into reality. If you are pursuing something new, keeping Citrine close to you can help. Citrine is a lucky charm and good for those having business interests. Nicknamed the Merchant’s Stone, Citrine helps to increase money, acquire wealth and help maintain it. Citrine must be your life-long partner if you want abundance and prosperity to always accompany you in your life. Many people are known to keep Citrine in their purse or wallet so that they never (even accidentally) run out of money.

• Malachite – For those seeking abundance in life must look at the wondrous properties of Malachite and how keeping this crystal can change your life. Malachite is known as the stone of transformation as it helps cleanse the chakras, heals both the mind and soul and brings many other positive transformations to one’s life. The crystal helps reveal suppressed feelings, deal with past traumas and also draw out negative energies. The crystal also helps improve physical health as it keeps the heart healthy, eases menstrual cramps and helps during childbirth. The stone also helps maintain a relationship with others.

• Moss Agate– Moss Agate belongs to the Chalcedony family yet is regarded as an Agate. Moss Agate is a white colored stone where dendritic inclusions of iron and manganese are seen. According to numerous traditional believes Moss Agate is considered lucky for agriculture and thus it has been called the crystal of gardeners and agriculture. Also considered a talisman for warriors, Moss Agate helps one win. The crystal has a strong influence and helps you to be emotionally balanced, and physically energized. Moss Agate is believed to be a stone of abundance as it helps not just those who want to succeed in agriculture but also in other fields. But if you are a plants-person keeping a Moss Agate close by will help just as it will help if you keep it in your workplace as it will increase your prosperity over time.

• Ruby – As one of the four precious stones, Ruby is regarded as a stone of nobility. Considered a talisman that brings prosperity and passion into one’s life, Ruby is known to also protect. A red-colored Ruby symbolizes the sun and its glowing hues indicate its inextinguishable flame. Ruby is worn to keep the body safe, to warn the wearer of any danger and it stop foolish thoughts from entering the mind. The stone helps fight nightmares and resolve disputes. Ruby steers one towards prosperity and helps a wearer achieve every dream. The stone helps to clear the mind so that you can concentrate on your work and stay motivated.

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