Crystals For Digestion

Crystal healing is a very effective alternative healing technique that not only helps uplift your spirit but also helps you take care of your physical body. There are over 200 crystals discovered by mineralogists from all over the world and each of them is known to possess varying healing properties. If some crystals help soothe and relax the mind, there are other crystals which are ideal for treating physical illnesses and pain. There are other crystals which apart from being beautiful and perfect as jewelry pieces, have the power to connect the soul with the sub-conscious.

If your physical being is continuously plagued with illnesses and modern medicines are not helping, it is time for you to try crystal healing. Some crystals are very effective in getting rid of indigestion and other stomach-related problems. Since digestion is such an important function of the human body, any imbalance can bring jarring difficulties in your life. That is why you should take help of one of the following crystals to help you with digestion before it is too late.

• Oregon Sunstone – Believed to be a stone of goodwill and optimism, Oregon Sunstone is a stunning looking crystal that is loaded with exceptional qualities. This crystal promotes originality and independence while encouraging you to become a leader and take up organizational skills. Apart from helping to attune the mind, Oregon Sunstone is also known to help heal the physical human body. The crystal improves metabolism thus helping you digest food quickly. The stone also assists in warming the torso which in turn regulates and harmonizes all other organs. Apart from helping in digestion, Oregon Sunstone also helps relieve stomach troubles and ulcers. Keeping the stone close to self can also help in healing chronic sore throats.

• Orthoceras – Orthoceras is a fossilized stone that are the remains of an extinct marine animal. Believed to be about 400 million years old, Orthoceras cephalopod is known for its numerous healing properties. Though essentially not a crystal (in the strict sense of the word), Orthoceras helps heal physical problems quite effectively. The fossil which is regarded as one of the most gifted life forms of the ocean helps solve digestive disorders and unsettled stomach. It can also help get rid of troubles of dyspepsia, low energy, tiredness, rheumatism. Orthoceras also stimulates the thymus and works on keeping the root chakra aligned with the body.

• Rainbow Obsidian Eye – Rainbow Obsidian Eye is a colorful crystal which is believed to be a talisman for those who dare to look inside their inner demons and their darkest truths. The crystal is formed from volcanic lava and because of its extraordinary quick formation, there is no crystalline structure found in the stone. The stone is cathartic as it helps to heal the soul. But if you are looking for a dual purpose stone which not only helps you connect to the soul but also treats physical ailments such as digestion, Rainbow Obsidian Eye is the stone for you. The stone helps to relieve the stress and tension of the muscles. It also improves blood circulation. Apart from aiding in digestion, the stone also helps you to detoxify by assisting you to quit smoking, overeating, overdrinking etc.

• Fire Agate – A variety of chalcedony, Fire Agate is a mineral belonging to the Quartz family. It is a deep reddish-brown colored stone with flashes of red, green, orange and gold. Fire Agate is believed to be a spiritual flame of perfection, one that helps unlock mysteries. In ancient times, Fire Agate was used in alchemy as it was believed to hold the essence of the fire. However today it is more popular because its low and steady vibrations help to stabilize and strengthen influence. Fire Agate helps increase metabolism, treats the endocrine system and also improve night vision. The crystal assists in digestion so that you do not complain of irritation.

• Fossil Coral – Fossil Coral is a prehistoric coral that is formed in silica-rich waters. Believed to be a gift of stars, Fossil Coral is known to help improve telepathic communication. The stone also promotes inner peace. It stops all disruptive thoughts from troubling the mind. The crystal also helps in investing in business endeavors while keeping you grounded and motivated. Fossil Coral aids digestion and improves metabolism. The stone also helps strengthen bones and the overall skeletal system.

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