Crystals For Alleviating Stress And Depression

Living in these modern times means being constantly on the go, running against time to get things completed and yet almost never feeling relaxed. If the constant pressure and hectic lifestyle are bogging you down, it is time to pull back before things go from bad to worse. If you are thinking about popping some more pills to relieve yourself, think again. Over-the-counter medicines, or even prescribed medicines do not really treat the root cause of depression and stress rather they soothe temporarily. On the other hand, calming crystals get to the root of the problem and helps come face to face with issues and troubles that threaten your peace of mind. Anxiety disorders are quickly rising to be one of the major causes of mental illnesses the world over. Words like stress and depression are no longer taken lightly because they have long-term and serious health complications if not treated at the right time. There are certain types of calming crystals that are especially known to help alleviate stress and depression. Let’s take a look.


• Andalusite – Andalusite is a crystal that helps to keep you focused on your goals and not stress even during volatile situations. Composed of Kyanite and Sillimanite, Andalusite is an aluminum silicate known for its color changing abilities when viewed under different lighting conditions. Popularly known as poor man’s Alexandrite, Andalusite helps clear blockages in your chakra and also helps energies to flow freely. By allowing this to happen, the crystal literally ‘washes’ away all the stress and negative thoughts that can bog you down. You will feel light and charged after wearing Andalusite. There are other benefits of this crystal as well. It offers wisdom and insight on the purpose of your life and helps you follow your path without fear.

• Calcite – Calcite is found all over the world in various forms, often mixed with other stones. Known by various names such as Calcspar, Iceland Crystal, Clear Calcite, Optical Calcite, and Iceland Spirit is a soft and shiny stone. Calcite is known as a cleansing stone that helps you especially when you are making some big change in your life. Enabling mental expansion, the crystal helps energy to flow smoothly within your body. If you are battling depression or stress Calcite can be a very useful crystal as it helps dispel negative thoughts and instead replaces them with positive vibes. Calcite brings inner peace and keeps you grounded.

• Druzy – Druzy is formed of tiny sparkling crystals which may grow over Agate or other colored stones. Druzy has energies similar to crystal clusters. Druzy is believed to be extremely helpful when you are planning to be part of any joint spiritual work like spiritual workshops, group meditations etc. Apart from relaxing, Druzy also helps boosts imagination and creativity. Druzy is an excellent stone that helps you sail through emotional problems. If you are seeking some positive self-love, Druzy will help you find it. The crystal helps purify your body’s natural healing process and strengthen your spirit. Druzy helps to find balance in your life so that depressive, negative and unnatural thoughts do not cloud your mind.

• Hawks Eye – Hawk’s Eye is a soothing crystal that helps deal with stress. Also known as Blue Tiger Eye, Hawk’s Eye brings calmness and eases anxiety. Keeping this crystal close helps to see difficult issues that may otherwise remain hidden and which may continue to struggle. Hawk’s Eye helps to open the mind, cleanse the chakras so that you can speak your mind with clarity and integrity. Known to be especially effective on the Throat and Third Eye Chakra, Blue Tiger Eye provides insights into the internal conflicts that are depressing and stressful. The crystal helps to fight fear, phobias and ill temper.

• Jade – Jade is a well-known crystal that has been believed to have metaphysical properties from primitive times. Known as the dream stone, Jade helps you to access the spiritual world so that you can strengthen yourself and bring out your creativity. As a protective talisman Jade helps to heal a suffering heart by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts and actions. Jade is an amulet of friendship and luck.

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