Crystals For Aura Cleansing

Often times there comes moments in life when your heart and mind doesn’t seem to work in tandem. Skepticism, negativity, restlessness seem to overpower you and make things difficult. Even an ordinary and normal day seems to weigh down heavily on you. If you too have felt like this for long maybe it is time to cleanse your aura. The aura is much like an electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical body and pushes us towards feeling/doing things that we do. It is believed that aura is made of seven levels or layers of auric bodies which are astral, physical, higher, lower, intuitional, spiritual and absolute planes. Each of these subtle bodies functions on their own frequencies around our physical bodies but are interrelated and affect us. They affect our feelings, thought processes, emotions, overall health, behavior etc. Any imbalances in the aura can result in an upheaval which is why it is necessary to regularly cleanse our aura so that we function properly and our mind is at peace. In this article, we shall take a look at some crystals which help to cleanse our aura.


• Selenite – Selenite is a powerful metaphysical tool that helps cleanse the aura, keep the crown chakra aligned and works to strengthen the mind. Also known as Satin Spar, Selenite is most commonly mined from Greece, Mexico, Australia, and the USA. Though selenite is not a very hard stone it is nevertheless a powerful one which helps to purify and also recharge other crystals. It is a crystalline form of gypsum. Selenite is believed to be very effective in cleansing the aura when placed directly under the light of the Moon. Selenite helps to enhance one’s self-awareness and make him more aware of his surroundings. It also activates the Crown Chakra which is the highest level of consciousness and enlightenment. Clearing the crown chakra cleans the path that leads towards a path of spirituality.

• Kunzite – Kunzite is a pale pink or light violet colored stone often called the Stone of Emotion. It is a powerful crystal which helps to open and connect the heart with the mind. Kunzite protects the heart yet opens it so that you can experience unconditional and abundant love. Since Kunzite helps to open the heart to love, it helps to embrace all life forms – be in humans, plants, animals or just Mother Earth. By embracing love in all its form, you get closer to Divine love and feel closer to higher powers. Kunzite thus helps us not just to connect with divinity but also embrace kindness, serenity, and gentleness. In other words, Kunzite cleans the aura and makes us receptive to love.

• Herkimer Diamond – Herkimer Diamonds belong to the quartz family and can be easily identified by its sparkling brilliance. The pure light of Herkimer Diamond makes it a great healing stone that is especially helpful while meditating, dreaming and carrying out any visionary work. Herkimer Diamond is also a great tool that helps to cleanse the aura and make you reach your higher goals. It purifies one’s energy field and helps one feel closer to divinity. Herkimer Diamonds have high energy frequencies which stimulate and activate the aura and keeps it clean.

• Lepidolite – Lepidolite is called the stone of transition as it helps to release and reorganization of psychological patterns and old behavior and literally transform oneself. Lepidolite helps heal deep emotions, soothes and reduces stress and depressive thoughts. Lepidolite gently brings changes that help you to evolve. The crystal helps activate and re-align the heart, throat and third eye chakras. Lepidolite also hones one’s intellect. If your aura is muddled and confused, you will feel emotional stress, mental dependency and an inability to function properly. Lepidolite helps get rid of these complexes and in the process cleanses your aura. This crystal gives you direction, helps in communication, makes you focus on what’s important and assists in making wise business decisions.

• Celestite – Celestite is a blue colored crystal that is often regarded as one of the best types of blue energy crystals. It gives a peek into the celestial universe through meditation and helps you to better understand your world and the universe. Celestite has a soft, positive energy which helps heal one’s aura and cleanse one’s surroundings. Nicknamed the Stone of Heavenly Communication, Celestite is effective in calming your mind, stimulate intuition and promote the heart to feel good and hope for better things.

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