Best 5 Crystals For Heart

There are so many organs that make a human body function yet no one can deny the importance of the heart. The continuous thumping of the heart is a signal that all’s good with your body while a slight blip can cause serious health repercussions. It is the job of our heart to pump the blood continuously which run throughout the body. Heart-related problems arise when the organ fails to pump blood normally or when the muscles around the heart expand or when the arteries get blocked. There can be several other reasons why the heart refuses to function properly. In order to ensure that the heart functions smoothly precaution should be taken. Crystals have magical powers that can protect and heal almost any ailment. Crystal healing starts with belief and ends with regular use. If you think a crystal will help you, it will but if you skeptically use it, you may hardly any difference in your health. While there are hundreds of types of crystals known to have healing properties only a few help the heart function properly. Let us take a look at the crystals which help the heart.


• Angelite – Angelite is a type of Anhydrite and if mixed with water turns to Gypsum. You must be very careful while wearing Angelite and should never bathe or swim wearing this crystal. Angelite is quite a powerful stone with properties that have the capability to heal the heart and also take care of your spiritual quest. Angelite represents brotherhood and peace and helps connect with your higher self. The crystal also helps you speak the truth, communicate better with others and improves your ability to express. Angelite helps dispel emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger replacing them with faith and tranquillity. Apart from helping the heart function smoothly and allowing the circulatory system of the body to function seamlessly, Angelite also helps you fight illnesses related to the lungs.

• Chrome Diopside – Chrome Diopside is a stimulating crystal that enables you to learn and understand quickly. The crystal helps to connect with the earth and love oneself and others. Chrome Diopside is especially helpful if you want to make a career change or learn new skills or languages. Diopside is a healing stone that clears energy blockages. It helps the heart and lungs to function properly. Chrome Diopside improves the functioning of the circulatory system. It also helps regulate blood pressure, helps the kidney to function smoothly and takes care of the respiratory system. Chrome Diopside helps in recovery from many illnesses. It doesn’t just help heal physically but also helps improve the emotional and psychological state of mind.

• Gaspeite – Gaspeite is one of the recent discoveries in the gemstone market and considered quite a rare stone. Though the crystal is considered a rare collectors’ item, it has several healing properties that make it a crystal worth possessing. Gaspeite is known to help you lose weight. It also helps in healing lung-related problems. The crystal is a great stone that helps improve your digestive system, eases discomforts of the stomach and helps deal with issues of the intestinal tract. The crystal is also great as it helps regulate blood sugar and keeps the heart healthy.

• Heliodor – Heliodor is a greenish-yellow colored crystal that is very similar to Golden beryl except that both have different metaphysical properties. The crystal illuminates higher thoughts in a person and improves your physical well-being. Keeping the Heliodor close to oneself helps the brain to function efficiently. The crystal also helps to make wise decisions that are logical and analytical and not emotional. Heliodor is known to especially develop the male virtues of self-confidence, assertiveness, physical strength. Heliodor is a great healing stone as it helps the heart function properly. The crystal also strengthens the immune system, treats disorders of the pancreases, spleen, and liver.

• Pearl – Pearl is one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry making. It is also a great healing stone and its properties have the power to heal the heart. The crystal which symbolizes purity, faith, and innocence, Pearl is also known as the stone of sincerity. Apart from taking care of the heart, Pearl also helps the digestive tract to function smoothly. Pearl prevents bloating and biliousness. The crystal is also known to improve fertility and ease childbirth.

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