5 Crystals For Peace

Peace is almost a pre-requisite for a fulfilling life. Just as you need to be in a peaceful state of mind to succeed, you also need peace at your home and work space. However, peace can have different forms and individualistic meanings. Nevertheless, the idea of calm, serenity and thoughtfulness are all generally associated with peace. Crystals have amazing powers and restoring peace in your surroundings in just one of them. Placing crystals strategically, wearing them or giving them to loved ones can bring life-changing effects.
Stress and worry are the two major factors that constraint growth and cause unexplained exhaustion. When life gets tough and challenges almost seem insurmountable, crystal healing can be effective. The right use of crystals can help you focus on yourself and work towards achieving inner peace. If you are not finding inner peace, try the following crystals that are known to boost peace and help you lead a normal and fulfilling life.

• Ametrine – Ametrine is composed of two minerals – amethyst and citrine (both forms of quartz) and is thus considered a powerful healing stone. Known by other names such as trystine and bolivianite, Ametrine is a great stone if you are looking for qualities of both amethyst and citrine at the same time. Ametrine stimulates the intellect and helps dispel negative energies. The stone can help you look within to find divinity. The crystal helps to reach a higher state of consciousness through meditation, which eventually lead to mental peace. The stone can also help you to relax while performing mundane duties as it teaches to balance physical activities with spiritual mobility. Ametrine is perfect for workaholics who get so drifted by work that they lose their peace of mind.

• Bird’s Eye – Bird’s Eye is a beautiful crystal that has patterns similar to an eye of a bird – hence the name. Often called the stone of peace, Bird’s Eye helps when you are troubled by unwelcome thoughts. The crystal is helpful as it expands your ability to focus. Bird’s Eye also stimulates the heart chakra allowing you to open yourself to love. Also called the stone of regeneration, this crystal heals as well as protects. As a life energizer, Bird’s Eye can slowly but steadily expand your ability to focus. Meditating with Bird’s Eye is known to be very effective.

• Copper Turquoise – Copper Turquoise as the name suggests is another combination crystal having qualities of both turquoise and copper. The highly powerful stone is loaded with metaphysical properties and is believed to initiate peace. If communication is a hurdle for you wearing Copper Turquoise will help as it is known to be the stone of communication. By wearing it you will feel motivated and enthusiastic. Copper Turquoise has the power to bring positive changes in your mind which finally leads towards prosperity and success. As a purification stone, Copper Turquoise brings inner calm and balance – all pre-cursors of peace.

• Labradorite – Labradorite is a feldspar mineral having a white matrix. The crystal is known by two other names – Spectrolite and Rainbow Moonstone. Found in pale green, blue, grey or colorless forms, Labradorite typically has iridescent blue or gold flashes. It can bring peace to your life if you treat it as your companion. Labradorite changes strengthen and teach perseverance. The mineral has the ability to strengthen your intuitive power and also enable you to feel your psychic abilities. Labradorite helps you cultivate faith in yourself and also trust others. If you are battling fear and insecurities, keeping a Labradorite close by will help. You will find peace when you have this crystal close to you.

• Prehnite – Prehnite is a yellowish green colored stone composed primarily of aluminum and calcium. The stone has a crystalline structure which gives it a glittery appearance and is very commonly seen on ornaments. Prehnite helps to boost your memory and thus helps achieve success in your professional life. The crystals invoke the third eye chakra and assists in meditation. The stone helps clear your mind so that you can receive new information. Since Prehnite helps you to be prepared, you can feel peace with regards to career and competition. The stone also improves your willpower and enables you to achieve whatever you want.

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