Fight your battle of depression with Larimar

“Right now it is just about one constant battle between wanting to be alone and not wanting to be lonely” This was the sentence of my friend Kishan when he was almost entrapped by depression after losing his grandmother.

Kishan and I are friends since college days and our friendship blossomed over the talks about lives in India, nostalgia for home food and our respective beloved grandparents. Between the grandfather and grandmother, Kishan had special love for his grandmother. Our course, clubbing, and cooking, all were going hearty when one day he got the call from India of the demise of his grandmother. Devastated and heartbroken, from the center, Kishan came into the corner of his existence, both in terms of studies and regular life.

He started feeling empty and genuinely numb to the outside world. He used to cry almost every day with a very strange hopelessness inside. He reduced coming for lectures, refused to go out to his favorite places and just loved sleeping for hours. The commotion inside his heart was increasing and my brain was getting more and more tense for him. Initially, I felt with time everything will settle down but in his case, this faithful medicine was also not working. His grief prolonged for more than 4 months and then it struck to me that he is leading to depression.

All worried and puzzled for him I urgently made a call to dad to seek his crystal remedy and as per his suggestion, got a Larimar to meditate with. Embodied with the tranquil sea and sky energy, the Larimar started making difference. The pain subsided in him. He got back to his normal self with his silly sense of humor and quest for “what next” in life.

Thank god! Larimar acted as a great anti-depressant in case of Kishan but besides this, this beautiful blue stone has numerous other healing energies too.


  • Promotes self-healing
  • Dissolves energy blockages in neck, head, and chest
  • Helps in overcoming self-sabotaging behavior
  • Relieves high blood pressure
  • Treats skin disorders
  • Powerful emotional cleanser
  • Brings in a sense of peace in truthfulness
  • Aids for smooth communication
  • Promotes healthy relations with others and own self
  • Develop a better spiritual sense of self


Larimar is a fairly recent addition to the world of gemstones and is only found in the Caribbean Sea of the Dominican Republic. It was in 1974, when a man called Miguel Mendez rediscovered this stone and named it after his daughter’s name, Larissa. He used the first four letters of the name Larissa and joined it with the local word of the sea, Mar to create Larimar. Larimar is a rare blue variety of Pectolite and is also popular by names as Atlantis stone, Dolphin stone, and Stefilia’s stone, and Blue Pectolite.

In my view, with soft, calming blue, the Larimar is a serene stone in every aspect. I place it at times in my house and workplace to assure a pleasant atmosphere and positive vibes. It is the best natural remedy to fight the widest spreading mental illness called depression. Depression is a natural phenomenon. It can happen at any age, at any time. There is no shame about it. If you are one struggling with it, come up with your issues to your friends and family and try meditating with Larimar. The Larimar will bring in the hopes and happiness back in the life.


P.S. don’t leave your medicines if you are prescribed so by the doctor.

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