7 Crystals Which Can Bring You Luck

Luck is a very wanting trait. Everybody on the earth wants to be lucky than may it be the business luck, marriage luck or career luck. Besides the major inputs like hard work, money, confidence, and determination, it is commonly believed that luck also plays a major role in the success of a person. The crystals which can really be your lucky charms in your journey of varied pursuits are as follows:


Crystals for businessFor Business

If you are looking for great luck in business then Citrine and Malachite are the stones for you. Malachite protects you from any kind of misfortunes. It avoids the not so profitable associations and thereby brings success in business. The Citrine is very well known as the lucky stone of merchants. Place it in the cash drawer of your office and see the difference. The money and prosperity will come in the manifold.



Crystals for career

For Career

For success in career, garnet is the best lucky stone. It concentrates your effort in the right direction, encourages business relationships, and stimulates other people’s desire to work with you. If in case you are going to attend a big meeting or looking for a big step in your career then take this stone with you.




crystal for love lifeFor Love Life

If you are looking for lovely luck in your love life then try rose quartz once. It is an ultimate stone of love which not just attracts love in the teenage but also maintains the charm and romance after years of marriage. It opens the heart and throat chakra, making the person more vocalized or expressive about his feelings. The beautiful pink hue of this stone fills your heart with unconditional love for your own self as well as others, letting you lead a great romantic life ahead.



crystals for achieving your dreams


For Achieving Your Dreams

If you think that the only missing factor between you and your dream is the luck then carry amazonites with you. Amazonite is often called as lucky hope stone which attracts luck to all your dreams and hopes. It brings in clarity in your intentions, empowering and motivating you to convert your dreams into reality.




For any general situation: If in any situation of life you feel stuck and want to double your luck then get Tourmalinated quartz for yourself. It is a super lucky stone combining the luck energy of both quartz and tourmaline crystal. It clears out all the bad vibes, removes all kind of energy blockages and infuses your life with luck and positivity.


crystal for gambling

For Gambling

Luck is a very prominent factor in games like gambling. If you love gambling and want to win always then keep Aventurine with you. This stone is known as the stone of opportunity which not only creates but also aligns the opportunities as per the advantage of the wearer. It boosts the chances of winning especially in the situations where the outcome is just so unpredictable and attracts lots of luck and wealth to the wearer.




crystal for physical competition

For physical Competition

What is required the most in physical competitions like running, swimming, tennis, etc, etc? Endurance, stamina and not giving up attitude? Well, favoring your luck in all these qualities, bloodstone is a great crystal. Wear it in your neck or keep it in your pocket and it will bring in substantial balance and power to your performance. The ancient gladiators of Greek times used to carry this stone in the pocket as they believed that it gives them the required endurance to fight and fly back their journey.



The pure energy of these crystals makes them lucky in respective fields. If you want your luck to favor you then try one as per your requirement. Either keep them in your pouch/pocket as a loose stone or wear a jewelry of it, you can also order them online from us to give that push to your luck.

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