Stichtite with a profoundly loving vibration

With beautiful hues ranging from light pink, hot pink to a deep purple, the Stichtite is a wonderful stone with vibrations of love, forgiveness and spiritual illumination. It is a hydrated magnesium chromium carbonate hydroxide mineral which is usually found in igneous and metamorphic rock. The stone is abundantly found in places like Canada, South Africa, and Tasmania in Australia. It is basically a very nice and soapy feeling stone which got its name from the name of a mine manager, Robert Stich who first discovered it in Tasmania in 1910. The healing properties of the stichtite include:


stichtite physical healingPhysical Healing

It is an excellent stone in curing or preventing numerous physical ailments. If you are a person with some eating disorder then Stichtite can help you big time. It aids digestion, helps in getting rid of emotionally based binge eating, food cravings and change the way you think or feel about food. The stone assists children in overcoming attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and also helps in fighting with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It is powerful against headaches, tensions, muscular stress and allergies and can really be beneficial with blood pressure levels, nervous systems, and dental issues. The stone is effective in the treatment of a hernia and injuries related to dementia and spinal. Also, it helps in losing weight, in quick recovery after the birth of a baby and in regenerating the skin..


stichtite emotional healingEmotional Healing

Stichtite has the potent healing energy to resolve your emotional problems. The pleasing purple hue emits the energy which builds a powerful spiritual connection and this connection helps you in forgiving others as well as yourself. The stone inspires you to be more honest, compassionate and loving. It lets you release your ego-based issue and gives you the courage to go and connect to your significant other. Especially if you hesitate in going and talking to people, it gives you self-confidence. It keeps you away from negative attitudes of people, soften your own attitude and let you experience genuine moments of love and friendship in life. It releases your stubbornness and helps you overcome from any kind of depression, anger or stress. It comforts the feelings of separation and loneliness, making you live with happiness in heart and awareness in the brain.


stichtiteSpiritual Healing

Stichtite helps you in healing by making your connection with your higher self. It lets you aware of the guardian angels and other spiritual guides from higher realms, keeps you reminding constantly that they are always there to pilot you in finding the path of illumination. The stone works with the heart chakra and acts as a shield of protection around your body, heart, mind, and spirit. It posses lovely energies for kundalini awakening and is an excellent stone for those who live their lives in spiritual services.


Adding little to all of it, Stichtite has great effects on financial life too. It acts as a guiding stone, bringing you the most essential energies required to do business/job prudently. These energies include maturity, decision-making power, foresightedness, and rational thinking. This stone improves your lifestyle, strengthens your self-discipline so that you can achieve the right skills and promote you to be more productive.


In healing grids and crystal body layouts, Stichtite stimulates the movement of kundalini energies. All the stagnant energies from the base of your spine to the crown of your head are eliminated. The vibrations of it are the highest when it is placed on the heart or near the higher heart chakras. To get the maximum benefit, place it on your body every day and feel the calming and peaceful energies around you. You can place it in your home/office or carry it as a loose stone or in form of jewelry, in all the ways it will heal most of your issues and cleanse your auric field.

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