Meteorites are the healing gifts from another world

Just as the heading suggests, Meteorites are the wonderful cosmic stones that occur almost before 4550 million years ago. They originate in the outer space from particles of comets, survive its passage through the atmosphere and finally lands on the surface of our earth. Obviously, owing to this long and rare journey, this stone is very valuable and unique. It has been pulled out under the deep sand of the Sahara Desert and Antarctic region.

Various civilizations from ancient times have been benefitting from the supernatural power of this stone. There was a belief that this stone posses some special physic powers and telegraphic strengths that connects you with the purest of energies of the universe. Talking about the gem world, the three types of meteorites which are acknowledged are the irons, the chondrites, and the achondrites. The irons are mainly comprised of iron and nickel, the chondrites are of stone and the achondrites are a mixture of stones and iron.


The healing properties of meteorites are as follows:


physical healingPhysical Healing

Meteorites are said to be effective in the treatment of anemia, incoherence, and melancholia. They set right the issues related with blood, its purification and fills in your body with required vigor and vitality. While suffering through the long physical ailments, this stone bestows the hope and strength which is necessary for not breaking down and keep going.



emotional healingEmotional Healing

The meteorite helps the individual to achieve a balanced state of emotions. In times of confusion, it emits an energy of trust and confidence. It helps in finding out the right path of incarnation, unfold the hidden emotions that cause distress in the spirit and gives the power to handle the pressure. It infuses courage and helps the person in gelling conveniently in the new environment.



meteorite-sprSpiritual Healing

Carrying the energies of the universe, the meteorite is the best stone to meditate with. It helps in understanding the deepest of emotions and intuitions, in realizing the actual purpose of presence on the planet and in spiritually growing in the right direction. It facilitates better introspection while connecting with the cosmic energies. It stabilizes effect with respect to unfamiliar behavior patterns and new environments.


The meteorite is believed to hold the energy that works well with the yang/yin energies of its wearer. It rules the crown chakra and thereby helps in collecting intuitive information beamed through the energies of the cosmos. Physically, it safeguards the person from the paralysis attack and keeps him strong. This stone is believed to redesign the lifespan of its carrier. It develops an awareness of the intellectual torso which leads to better and cautious steps in life. It generates the feelings of love, admiration, and understanding towards other as well as towards the Mother Earth. It helps in solving the cobweb alike life, breaking the shackles which stop in moving ahead, distressing the life, attracting positive energies, and in being more creative and joyful while painting the graphs of life.

Last but not the least, this stone comes in color of black, brown and grey and is one genius crystal to experience the energies outside our world.

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