The Rousing Rhodolite

With hues from red to lilac, and an appearance which is absolutely flawless or inclusions free, the Rhodolite is truly a mesmerizing stone. It is basically a variety of Pyrope Garnet which got its name from two Greek words meaning “Rose Stone.” The beautiful color of this stone is because of the presence of minerals like chromium, iron, and manganese. Brimming with all the brilliance of garnets, it is found in countries like Brazil, India, and Africa. The numerous benefits of it on one’s spiritual, physical and emotional existence is as follows:


Physical healing: While the energy of Rhodolite is more suitable for the treatment of emotional disorders, it can still cure some of your physical issues. The first and foremost where it works at its best are the issues with lungs and hearts. It opens the blockage of energy in these organs, making them work at its optimum. It enhances blood quality, boosts blood circulation and relieves from blood disorders.

The matters of digestion and heartburning can also be sort with this. The issues of sexual dysfunctioning can be set right with it and lastly, if you wear it around your neck, it can cure a sore throat too.


Emotional healing: The main attribute of this garnet is it’s healing at an emotional level. It helps to release all the memories of previous sad situations which get stuck in the heart. It particularly works in the area of guilt and shame and manifests a good and happy vibe all around. It breaks the negative emotional cycle, controls the illogical behavioral patterns and is efficient in instantly lifting up the mood. The stone opens up the heart of people who easily don’t trust or have intimacy problems. It helps to heal the wounds of people who have been abused sexually and restore the feeling of love and self-acceptance.


Spiritual healing: On the spiritual ground, the Rhodolite has very profound energy. It helps in deepening the understanding of the universe and establish a strong connection with the guardian angels above. It’s a very warm, trusting and sincere stone which allows an individual to clearly see the spiritual path and follow with all dedication and clarity in the heart. It aids astral travel when kept close while sleeping and also inspires one to increase their time in prayers and meditation.


The Greek believed this stone to be useful in preserving romantic feelings. It has also been worn to protect against poisonous substances and from long-time, worn as a piece of jewelry by conquerors all-over the world. Today this stone has gained immense popularity as a nugget for fashion jewelry and looks stunning when studded in earrings, pendants or rings. The color of this stone is very hot and passionate. It not only brings immediate attention to the woman carrying it but also instills a fearless confidence and attitude in her.

Rhodolite falls under the zodiac signs of Aquarius and is a natural birthstone for those who are born in between mid-autumn and winter solstice. It is a garnet of inspiration and emotional healing and rekindles the feelings of joy, compassion, kindness, and self-worth. Buy this stone for yourself or for your loved one and feel good with the wave of calmness and creativity in your life.

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