Calcite is Miraculous With Double The Refraction and Triple The Energy

Wondering what this physical term is doing on this crystal healing website? Well, calcite is a miraculous crystal which not only posses healing energy but also teaches some physics. Double refraction is a phenomenon where a single incident light ray splits into two rays on passing an anisotropic medium. And calcite is a brilliant natural example of it. On seeing an object through calcite, two images are seen, thereby making it popular by other names like optical calcite, Iceland crystal or Iceland spar.


Calcite is a very common gemstone which is found in abundance in nature. It almost comprises 4% of total minerals and is found in the little deposits and smudges which are in form of granite and limestone. The countries where it is particularly mined are Germany, Mexico, India, Brazil, England, and some states of the USA. The colors in which calcite brim include yellow, red, pink, orange, green, blue-black, brown, and colorless; each with their specific healing energies. Amongst all, the green and the orange ones are the most admired calcites but before I tell their individual healing powers, let us first see the common healing powers of this crystal.


Physical Healing

It is best for the cleaning of the wiping out organs like bladder, bowel, and kidneys. The calcium content in it adds to the formation of bones as well as their treatment. It strengthens the immune system, encourages the growth of undersized children, increases tissue healing as well as is excellent for improving physical strength. The calcite crystal can also be used on the skin to get rid of ulcers, wounds, and warts.



Emotional Healing

As calcite connects to emotions and intelligence, it makes a person emotionally intelligent. it brings hope and motivation in life, combats laziness, eases stress, anxiety and let you trust yourself as well as others. It is a very stabilizing stone which helps in overcoming the setbacks and keeps the negativity away.


Spiritual Healing

Calcite is a spiritual stone which intensifies physic abilities and connects to the higher consciousness. It promotes creativity, imagination, intuition, and inner peace.


Depending on the colors, every calcite has a different healing effect. For example; Pink calcite is excellent for comfort, warmth, love. Blue calcite dissolves pain at all levels. Reddish brown calcite does wonder for metabolism. Black calcite helps in overcoming the depression and in regaining the memory. The green calcite with its vibrant emerald hue promotes prosperity and good fortune and orange calcite has life-giving powers with a belief of having the energy of the sun.


Also, the varied colored calcites stimulate and balance different chakras. Clear calcite is believed to balance all the chakras. Blue calcite opens up the throat chakra while green and pink stimulate the heart chakra.


Not just this, calcite teaches you to analyze a situation. It boosts your memory and gives the ability to change the idea into action. No doubt, calcite is a powerful amplifier and with varieties of colors and their respective healing powers, it is although more incredible. Place it in your rooms to experience a different level of positive energy altogether as well as to add some fun and a lively pop of color.

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