Thanksgiving – A Healing Time With Crystals

Often it happens that we get so busy in our daily routines or taken over by negative emotions that we forget to express our gratitude to others. Thank God! We have this day called Thanks Giving to do so. Thanksgiving is one of the special days in the year and to make it more special for you all let me tell something about thanksgiving crystals.


Thanksgiving crystals are nothing different in particular; they are just these few crystals which open your heart, filter your thoughts and help you recognize all the things that you need to be thankful for.


Rose Quartz: Known as a stone of universal love and gratitude, this subtle pink stone can do wonder to unwrap the feelings of gratitude in a person. It empowers the heart chakra and attracts love and appreciation from the surroundings to emanate the same.


Sodalite: This deep blue crystal has the engrossing energy to soften the heart of people. It makes you connected with the rest of the world, arouse the emphasizing and grateful feelings in you and articulates the power of being thankful in life.


Tiger Eye: Another brilliant and bold stone for Thanksgiving is tiger eye. It perfectly empowers the lower chakras to make you feel grounded in your actions. It turns regrets into a feeling of gratitude and brings inner change in the person. With this, you will start acknowledging the small and beautiful things, achievements or people in life. Also, owing to its pale yellow-brownish color, it is an excellent option to be gifted as a thanksgiving healing jewelry. This color goes well on so many garments, and when worn with the right intention, it amplifies the energy and lit up the aura completely.


Lolite: This crown chakra crystal not only awakens the inner gratitude but also powers the throat chakra, giving you the ability to put forward your thanks with confidence. At times it happens that people are grateful from the inside, but then they hesitate to speak it across. With this stone in the north corner of the house, you will feel really happy and humble in life.


As you know, crystals help you recognize your subconscious thoughts, unravel the feelings of guilt, anger or dissatisfaction. Therefore I suggest celebrating the Thanksgiving this time with these thanksgiving crystals so that the real feel gets communicated. You can either place these crystals in a bowl on a dinner table or buy them to gift somebody on Thanksgiving day, both the ways, the energy in the air and the attitude of the gratitude will be felt.


These crystals occupy that little space in your house but impact your life in a big way. I have been placing these crystals in my house on the Thanksgiving day, and I feel the difference. These crystals have made me reflect on my blessings and good fortune which I started taking for granted and also made me realized that exposing gratitude is a way of leading a better and happy life.

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