Take a Bird’s Eye View Of Your Life With This Birds Eye Stone

Mindlessly going through the motions of our daily routines, we get so much trapped into it that we often forget to sit and reflect on our lives. Questions like “Are we content doing our work? Are our mind and body functioning properly? Are we happy with the present equations with our family and friends? And etc.” matter to all of us but exactly how many of us care to pause, step back and quickly take a bird’s eye view of our lives? Well, if you are the one missing on it then explore your lives with this curious Birds Eye stone.

The stone got this name because of the dark mystic circles on it which looks like a bird’s eye. It is found worldwide, but still, the prominent regions are California, South America, Washington, Mexico, and Unites States. The healing benefits of it are:

Physical healing: Brimming with the healing energies, the Bird’s eye is known to rejuvenate the skin. It flushes out the toxins as well as help in the assimilation of all vitamins, minerals, etc. which are crucial for the deep nourishment of the bodies. This bird’s eye reduces the fondness of alcohol, eliminates the negative energy and increases fertility. If you have a problem of nausea or giddiness, carry this stone along, It will reduce your vomiting sensations, alleviates the stress and maintain equilibrium in the body. It also supports the digestive system, boosts the immune system, and helps in the renewal of cellular growth and DNA.

Emotional healing: The red, cream, grey, pinkish and reddish colors on this stone infuse the cheerfulness and gentleness in a sad person. This stone aids a sharp focus, a clear mind and makes the person believe in his capabilities. It creates a special aura around the wearer and invites the feelings of modesty, compassion, and liberality. It imparts the courage to be honest with oneself and others, helps in enduring the most painful or frustrating situations, and always reminds you to be harmonious in life. It relieves stress and brings in the wave of calm and serenity. This stone is known for recovery, regeneration, vitality, and novelty.

Spiritual healing: The bird’s eye reflects the clam and harmonious energy necessary for meditation. It connects the wearer to the spiritual wisdom that exists in nature. By having it around or meditating with it, you will start believing in the sacredness of life, you will get to understand the true meaning of life and would begin to cherish the beauty of small moments in life. It retrieves the spiritual knowledge and thereby makes an individual a “true human” in every case. The bird’s eye brings in the harmony within self and others, keeps the wearer grounded and facilitates a smooth transition to a meditative state.

The stone promotes happiness, prosperity, and emotional stability. It represents the changes, sparks the creativity and allows you to see a bigger picture of the situation. Stimulating the heart chakra, it opens one’s heart for love and teaches to reciprocate too. It is highly protective against psychic dangers. If you are planning a baby in your life, carry this stone around because it contributes to happy pregnancies.

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