Healing Crystals To Start The New Year

With new years around the corner, here comes another chance for us to get things right. Yes, its time to make resolutions, a promise to self of quitting the things which no longer contributed to the overall wellness and of adopting the new habits which will indeed make us a better person than the previous year. Well, starting the things fresh and taking the resolutions is the essence of every new year but actually how many of us can stick to it? Here, suggesting some crystal for New year to not only get desired results of the resolutions but also to have a great start to 2019.

Quartz: Letting go the old memories, failures and distress is essential to start afresh and helping you in this endeavour, smoky quartz and rose quartz come as the best crystals. They work excellently to heal the pain from personal losses and promote overall harmony inside you. More, they also boost your willpower and confidence in taking up a task then may it be your resolution only.

Amethyst: Are you thinking why do I always suggest amethyst on such special occasions? Because it is one magical and powerful grounding stone which assist you in many ways. It is perfect for calling for rational decisions and for sticking on them for the year long. It is known to clear the energy around, remove the negative blocks and in getting rid of addictive habits.

More, it is also useful in calming down the mind and connecting to the spiritual self. It is known as a stone of spirituality and intuition. So, if you are thinking to inculcate meditation into your daily life, start with this stone. It will never let your attention run here and there and will make you feel super composed and aware of your existence.

Aventurine: Ditching all the doughnuts, pizza and starting a healthy lifestyle is a resolution which maximum people take and leave in between after a quarter or more. To continue in this direction, try keeping aventurine with you. The green aventurine’s vibration is believed to be of health and nourishment. It can render control on your cravings and continuously remind you to take care of your body by consuming nourishing foods. More, if you are swearing in to follow a strict exercise regime, keep a carnelian or onyx with you as new year gemstone. Where carnelian will energise you to keep going, the onyx will enhance your endurance and persistence during exercising.

Lapis or sodalite: Taking up a new or creative project is always aimed for a new year and in that case if you want that your creative juices to flow at its best then try keeping the lapis or sodalite on your work desk. These blue stones will help you in expressing your creativity the best.

Rose quartz: Waiting to feel new love in your life? If you have your wedding planned in this coming year or finally decided to propose somebody, do that while keeping rose quartz with you. The pure and soft energy of it is fit for love, romance and new relationships.

Citrine: The desire for abundance is something constant, and I wish that these desires of yours get fulfilled this year with citrine. Citrine is a stone of abundance and loads you with whatever you think; you want in life. It brings in growth, purpose, prosperity, joy, optimism and is a right crystal to set your intention with.

The purpose and the crystal for new year do not end here, but ya, the important and the general ones are all mentioned above. In case if you want to know anything more to kick-start your new year more excellently then do contact me. Trust me, the idea of infusing crystals in your life will make this new year more fun, colourful and fulfilling.

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