Chrysoprase is different from Emerald

Chrysoprase, a beautiful green variety of chalcedony is often mistaken by people as Emerald. Where emerald is green because of chromium, the chrysoprase emits distinctive spring green hue because of nickel. The Chrysoprase is famous all around the globe because of its color chart. The stone can be of gold, yellowish green, and apple green, depending on the presence of nickel in it. The rock is known to be the stone of spring and honored as “Mother of Jade”. The chrysoprase meaning is derived from two Greek words; “Chrysos” which means gold and “prason” which means bloom. This name is chosen because of its characteristic of golden speckles inside. The Chrysoprase is found all over the world, but still, the prominent deposits of it are in Queensland, Germany, Western Australia, Russia, California, and Brazil. Poland is famous for bright and bulk orders of chrysoprase. The Chrysoprase Healing Properties are:

Physical Healing – The stone is considered to be great in treating sleep disorders like Insomnia. Putting the stone under your pillow is beneficial for restful and peaceful sleep. It is an enormous boulder to address eye-related problems and eyesight troubles. It enhances immunity, treats infertility, gout, helps in lowering fevers, and mental illness. Chrysoprase acts as a safeguard to treat sexually transmitted diseases. The stone aids hormone balancing. Chrysoprase looks after stomach problems, lower back, digestive system, abdomen, spleen, gallbladder, and nervous system.

Emotional Healing – Chrysoprase is a delightful stone that promotes joy, self-acceptance, independence, happiness, and feeling of Divine Truth. This feeling of divine truth makes you learn to live by the divine plan for your life. It removes the uneasiness of depression and anxiety. It fosters love, kindness, forgiveness and removes ego from relationships. The chrysoprase brings acceptance into life and prepares the body for deep emotional healing. It increases the possibility of attracting new love in life. Integrating Chrysoprase in your life is beneficial when you are undergoing times of change. It is known to rationalize your brain and stabilize your mood. It is one of the best stone to use for heart chakra as it clears the blockages and promotes an even flow of energy.

Spiritual Healing – The chrysoprase assists the mind and soul to connect with divinity. The green color of stone increases spirituality and brings the feeling of peace and composure. Due to its shade, it has a strong connection with nature and elemental beings. It welcomes the gift of natural growth and helps you to connect with Mother Gaia and earth spirits. The stone is excellent to use for meditation as its energy induces a deep meditative state.

With chrysoprase crystal, abundance comes rolling in life. People start to get new opportunities at work, new adventures in life and new social connections to enjoy with. It is not a very expensive stone but impacts the wearer’s life in significant ways. The simple way to use chrysoprase is to keep a raw piece of it in your pocket, on your desk or beside the bed so that its positive energies keeps rejuvenating your heart, soul, and mind simultaneously.

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