If you have insomnia, blue sapphire can soothe it

“Gosh! Sleeping is so much fun; I don’t want to leave this bed” This was the most heard line from my friend Sid back in the hostel days. He just loved sleeping, and due to this profound love, it was challenging to drag him out to chill after college hours. Well, the college got over, and we all got settled in our respective lives. He got a brilliant job in an MNC in the USA, got promotions, and everything was sailing quite well for him until he started realising his inability to sleep soundly in nights is getting sever.

Exhausted catnapping for two hours daily, he called me up and said, “Nitin I need help. I have been diagnosed with insomnia, and I really feel drained out and unfocused throughout the day. I am unable to work, unable to drive and the solo emotion I carry is frustration. The only way I fall asleep is by taking a pill, and the only way to stay asleep is to pop another pill. The drugs are just making me groggy. I don’t want to give away my life like this. I feel so much powerless and helpless inside. Is there any way out, any natural cure?”

Hearing him so much depressed, I immediately suggested him to work with blue sapphire. I told him to meditate with sapphire before going off to sleep and also to keep this stone next to the bed while trying to sleep. The process of magical healing began. He started to get little sleep and finally few months down the lane; he told me, “Sleeping for 6-7 hours daily without any drug feels so alive, so better.” The long lost love was found 🙂 He bounced back to his usual course of routine and felt entirely cured and blessed. Sid is now an ardent believer of crystal healing and meditates every night with sapphire before dozing off.

The other beneficial properties of sapphire are:

  • Promote mental clarity
  • Strengthen integrity and intuition
  • Clear depression
  • Evoke the feelings of devotion, honesty and loyalty
  • Helps eyesight
  • Bestow wisdom
  • Treats blood disorders
  • Heals thyroid, speech and communication issues

Sapphire is a variety of corundum, a form of aluminium oxide. It is a gem of gem that has been largely used in jewellery in almost every era. The colour of sapphire which is prominently recognised by everybody is blue although there are many other colours in which sapphire comes like green, yellow, pink, purple, white, black orange, and golden — the blue colour ranges from pale to dark royal blue to indigo, with the most demanded colour being Kashmir or velvety cornflower blue.

It is a stone of wisdom, a stone of magnificence and royalty. If it’s your 5th or 45th anniversary this year then gift your lady love a sapphire necklace, sapphire bracelet, sapphire ring or sapphire earrings. The blue hues of it will not only bestow your lives with happiness, positivity and prosperity, it will also bring in the required clam and balance in your mind and sanity in your spirit.

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