Crystals To Charm This Christmas Season

“Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way, Santa Clause is coming around in a one-horse open sleigh.” Yay! With Christmas around the corner, I have been humming this song with my super excited two little kids. No doubt, Christmas is a time of fun, happiness and celebration. It’s a time to exchange gifts, to spend time with family, party with friends, and to feel good and easy at the end of the year. Well, to do all of it perfectly, here are some right crystals for Christmas:

Amethyst: This is the first crystals which I suggest. Place it in your dining or living room because I feel the Christmas Eve should start with pure and high energy. Reflecting super beautiful purplish hues, the Amethyst is known to clear the energies around. It makes your whole home feel better, calmer and more welcoming.

Blue Sapphire and Emerald: In case your family members are far away or departed by feuds, gift them a blue sapphire to reclaim their love. You can also opt for Emerald gemstone as it is an ideal choice to cultivate harmony amongst people in the house. Emerald enhances unity, unconditional love, and partnership. It continually reminds you that it’s a season of goodwill to all.

Turquoise: For those who want to get into the mood of some extra fun while partying on Christmas, try turquoise. This stone is said to be connected to the Egyptian Goddess, Hathor who loved partying and carrying the same energies, I feel this stone will get you in that party groove completely.

Celestite: The ones who prefer to spend Christmas on their own and in a little-relaxed way, I recommend Celestite. This high-vibrational stone is beneficial in keeping all the chaotic thoughts away and bringing in the sense of calmness. It will soothe you, connect you to higher realms easily and will make you feel all good and gaiety about this Christmas and year-end.

Lastly, for all those who are not able to figure out the right gifts, this Christmas, here are few crystals for Christmas gifts.

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is a crystal of love. If you have anybody in your circle seeking for some romantic relationships or greater self-love, then it is a good option.

Carnelian: It is an excellent crystal for inspiring creativity. In case you want to gift something to somebody who is little lost about how to go ahead in life or career then this would be perfect for them.

Black Tourmaline: If you know somebody who always has something or the else going in his mind or is stressed about the things then gifting them tourmaline will be useful. The energy of this stone will help that person to let things go away and feel much better in stressful situations.

Smokey Quartz: It is a perfect present for your insomniac pal. Gift this quartz and ask that person to keep it under their pillow to get the best sleep in the night.

Aventurine: Gift aventurine to someone whom you think needs to break down the shackles of their negative patterns or behaviour. This crystal is guaranteed to substitute them with prosperity and growth.

Tiger eye: Tiger eye is known as a stone of courage and strength. To whomsoever you will gift this, it will inevitably create significant opportunities for them as well as make them more patient, determined and focus.

The list of crystals is never-ending. Every crystal is excellent in curing some or the other issues. These I have just mentioned the few but then if you want to know the right crystal for some particular problem then contact me.

I feel that there is no better way of natural healing with crystals and in place of spending thousands of dollars in buying fancy gifts for your loved ones, try gifting these crystals this Christmas. They are economical, useful and have long-lasting effects.

Do let me your reviews on the blog as well as your choice of crystal for Christmas. Take care and enjoy the Crystal Christmas this year!

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