Ametrine – A blend of amethyst and citrine

Imbibing the energy of both amethyst and citrine, the ametrine is one out of the world crystal. It is a transparent stone with an attractive purple hue of amethyst and bright golden yellow color of Citrine. Ametrine is a quartz crystal variety and therefore a potent amplifier of energy like its family. It is not as widespread as Yellow citrine and Amethyst but still found in parts of South America, Uruguay, Brazil, and Bolivia. Bolivia is the country where a maximum of ametrine is mined today, and therefore it is known as bolivianite too.



The Ametrine healing properties are:



Physical healing: Combining best of both the worlds, ametrine is effective in getting an insight into the cause of long-standing illness. It takes you to the bottom of the things, cleanses the body and rejuvenates it with double the oxygen and energy so that you never feel lazy in taking up the next event in life. It strengthens your immune system, nervous system, and keeps you away from the uneasiness of acidity or gas in the stomach. It stabilizes DNA/RNA, calms down the headaches and helps the chronic fatigue syndrome. With it around, you’ll never feel stressed, lazy or depressed. It unblocks all energies at the physical level and cleans the blood exceptionally well. It also comes across as a proper treatment for the problem of the ulcer.


Emotional healing: Ametrine is a fantastic emotional healer. It not only gives you the insight of the underlying cause of your emotional distress but also helps you in overcoming it. It releases all negative feelings related to non-fulfillment of expectation, being hurt or just being jealous and irritated. It clears all such blockages in the head and keeps you calm and easy. Ametrine crystal promotes creativity and makes you responsible enough to take charge of your own life. It enhances compatibility and acceptance amongst each other. If you have any sexual issue as a couple, try this stone, it combines the masculine energy of citrine and feminine energy of amethyst. It strengthens the concentration, promotes lateral thinking and encourages you to explore all things or possibilities in life. It creates better awareness and enhances your intellectual skills.


Spiritual healing: Meditating with ametrine brings a wave of positivity and happiness. It easily connects you with your spirit guide and makes you follow his advice in your life. Amerind is an excellent option for facilitating astral travel and being protected during such endeavor. It balances the flow of energy, promotes the spiritual development and relieves from physic attack. This stone aligns the solar plexus with the crown chakra which ultimately enhances the mental as well as spiritual clarity.


Since ametrine stone combines the energies of both citrine and amethyst, it becomes super powerful to bring in the harmony in life. It is beneficial when you are finding a new job or trying for a better position in the same organization. It not only helps you in manifesting the desires but also expands your mind to reason about your wishes.


Ametrine is known for its color, hardness, durability and vitreous luster. It is easily molded into any jewelry item, and people who wear ametrine pendant or ametrine bracelet look class apart. So, if you want to experience amethyst and work with citrine at the same time, buy ametrine, it is a good option.

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