Leopard Skin Jasper Has Numerous Healing Attributes

Leopard skin jasper, just like all other jasper is contemplated to be a durable stone which not only proffers security to the soul but also provides stability to the emotional and intellectual torso. It has the power to guard the individual against the negative things, soothe the emotional torso and allow to look forward in life. No doubt, the power of Jasper family is imbibed in this stone, but what more it has in store. Let’s read.

The Leopard Jasper has unique spotted patterns and many beautiful colours due to which it is also sometimes known as Jaguar stone. It is often orange or green with leopard-like banding and is found in countries like Brazil, Mexico and some areas of Africa. The Leopard Jasper is a form of silicon dioxide with many inclusions like mineral oxides and organic materials. The distinct pattern on the stone is because of these inclusions. The Leopard skin jasper healing properties include:


Leopard Skin Jasper Phy Img

Physical Healing

The energy of leopard skin jasper has soothing effects. It is useful in mending the weekend organs and in repairing the ruptured tissues. It heals the troubles relates to kidney, liver, gallbladder, spleen and abdomen region. Along with balancing the mineral content in the body, it also assists in overcoming the weakness and in fulfilling the deficiency of zinc, sulfur and iron. It maintains the proper flow of blood in the overall torso, aids the digestive system and is considered best in curing nosebleed and hemorrhoids. It alleviates epilepsy and can work in the case of sensory loss of smell. Lastly, it works as a regenerator of sperms and contributes to safer pregnancies along with fertility.


Leopard Skin Jasper Emo Img

Emotional Healing

The energy of leopard skin jasper is believed to create a clam aura near the wearer. It relieves all the stress, instills peace in the heart and mind and invites the feelings of compassion, forbearance, and generosity. It makes you more determined and courageous in all your pursuits and teaches you to be honest with self while dealing with problems. It helps you in overcoming the fear and guilt and encourage you to move confidently in life. It harmonizes the relation with others and overall stabilizes the emotional torso.


Leopard Skin Jasper Spr Img

Spiritual Healing

Leopard skin jasper stone establishes the relation of the soul with the earth so that the soul gets enriched with the energy of the earth. It bestows sacredness in life and heartens the soul to enjoy the moments of the present. Leopard skin jasper can build a link with the Earth’s ancient past. It allows the spirit to repossess the lost spiritual knowledge to heal humanity.

Leopard skin jasper actively works on the base chakra. The energy of it also activates the throat and third eye chakra. It balances the yin-yang energies to gain the equilibrium in life as well as establish the physical, intellectual and emotional torso.

It infuses positivity around, it supports creative thinking, and it pulls all the vibrant forces of nature to make life zealous. It proffers strength and vigour to take a step forward in life. With it you can communicate with the cosmic spirits along with the animal kingdom, you can discover your spiritual self as well as travel the shamanic journey.

So, the leopard skin jasper benefits are amazing and to experience this great feeling, buy this stone to work with.

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