Ruby Fuchsite has a double dose of energy

Comprising the energy of two stones, the ruby fuchsite is a beautiful natural creation. There is fuchsite which is a chromium-rich variety of muscovite, and there is ruby which is a type of corundum. Majorly reflecting medium to dark green hues with some highlights of pink and red, the stone looks mind-blowing and attractive. It is a powerful nugget with an old belief of creating a synergy double the sum of the parts. Where ruby stimulates vitality, passion, and enthusiasm, the fuchsite amplifies the energy of other crystals and teaches self-worth. It is profoundly found in India, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, and in the Alps. The other Ruby fuchsite healing properties include:

Ruby Fuchsite Phy Img

Physical Healing

With energies of green and red, the Ruby Fuchsite is known to maintain good health in general. It treats many syndromes, for example, it is particularly useful in increasing flexibility in the musculoskeletal system. It stabilizes the spinal column alignment, eases carpel tunnel syndrome and heals the strained injury along with the spine. It aids in cell regeneration and is also known to balance the red and white blood cell ratio. Apart from the blood cells and muscle issues, Ruby Fuchsite also treats the turmoils of the nervous system. It opens up the blockages in the nerves and supports smooth flow of blood throughout the body. It rectifies calcium deficiency, reduces tooth decay and is valuable in resisting osteoporosis. With it, you can heal blisters, prevent infections, clean up acne, repair brittle nails, brittle hair and prevent hair loss. The energies of it are also said to treat sexual disorders, impotence, sexual obsession and problem in childbirth.

Ruby Fuchsite Emo Img

Emotional Healing

The Ruby fuchsite strengthens you emotionally. It soothes the suffering, releases all the emotional distress and instills happiness around you. It alleviates all the worries, negativities and directs your energies in a positive direction. Regulating the aggressive personality, it helps you to seek emotional balance. It brings in courage, honesty, passion in the emotional torso, aiding the mind to think rational even in the most breaking down situations. It enhances the ability to communicate effectively, particularly in women and increases self-esteem. It boosts up the confidence, brings self-discipline in life and fills in love in your heart for yourself as well as for others. It helps in comprehending situations, feelings, issues and thereby assists in maintaining relations with others. It helps you to take the lead, to initiate a conversation and in overcoming the dependency on others.

Ruby Fuchsite Spr Img

Spiritual Healing

Ruby fuchsite has beautiful energy to rekindle your spiritual self. It strengthens the intellect, intuition, and permits you to choose wisely between what is right and wrong. It enlightens your mind with wisdom, truth and teaches you to enjoy the physical world. It makes you more observant to the spiritual energy that exists inside you and lets you feel it completely. It takes your life from darkness to light, keeps you grounded and keeps replenishing your energy stores from the energy field of Earth. It promotes inner harmony, spiritual understanding, and adaptability towards new ideas and the environment.

The Ruby fuchsite is a perfect heart stone with energies of both ruby and fuchsite. It clears the blockages in the heart chakra, fills the gap with positive and loving energies and ultimately connects with humanity as a whole. It expands the body’s energy field, enhances physic awareness and deepens the meditative state.

If you are somehow related to the service or design industry, try the power of Ruby fuchsite stone. It will bring in the stupendous flood of new ideas and will contribute to your success. To feel the power, you can also buy Ruby fuchsite bracelet, Ruby fuchsite pendant or keep Ruby fuchsia stone near you.

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