Danburite Is One Of The Highest Vibration Mineral

With the highest vibration energy and looks that of quartz, people often end up googling danburite vs quartz. Well, the mistake is not theirs. The colourless quartz, topaz and danburite look so similar. The difference exists between them, and on a very technical level, for example, topaz is harder than danburite while quartz is softer. The danburite has unique prismatic crystal structure due to which it is easily recognisable. Lastly, they are majorly found in larger sizes than any other colourless stone.

For an amateur crystal lover it is obviously impossible to distinguish between three but what is possible is to know a bit about all three. Concentrating on the danburite stone in this blog, let me start with a brief introduction of it.

Danburite is a calcium boron silicate. It is officially named after the place where it was first discovered in 1839- Danbury, Connecticut (USA). It is a common mineral but still less aware of. It has recently gained popularity in the community of jewelers because of its natural prism shape and other enduring properties. It mostly occurs as a clear or white crystal, but still shades of yellow, pink, and brown with vitreous luster exist. It is translucent to transparent and is mined in the USA, Japan, Myanmar, Switzerland, and Mexico. The danburite healing properties are:


Danburite Phy Img

Physical Healing

Danburite is a stone to trust when it comes to physical healing. It enhances your brain function and information processing and also helpful in healing heart conditions or preventing the heart attack. It detoxifies the body and treats the ailments related to gallbladder, liver and sexual organs. It reduces all allergies, muscular, skeletal troubles and also aid in uncomplicated pregnancies. It lowers high blood pressure. It alleviates the pain of migraine and is an excellent option when you want to increase your weight. It also assists in relieving the allergies as well as the symptoms of Meniere’s disease.


Danburite Emo Img

Emotional Healing

On the emotional front, danburite is a very calming stone. It pacifies the volcano of the grief, anger, fear, and releases all stress and worry. It teaches you to laugh even under the most challenging circumstances. It helps you in emptying your past emotional baggages and move forward with happiness in the heart. It brings harmony in life and inculcates the feelings of love, compassion, gratefulness, and help. If you fear to go on the stage, work with this stone, it encourages to take all such activities with enthusiasm and confidence. It enables you to speak the truth and to always stand by the right things. More, it assists you to speak your mind fearlessly and in a way that it doesn’t hurt the person in front.


Danburite Spr Img

Spiritual Healing

Danburite is a lovely and pure vibration crystal. Its energy is exceptionally uplifting to the spirit. The soft hue of it works great for enlightenment and spiritual growth. It opens both your intellect and consciousness so that you can establish the contact with the angels, receive their guidance and turn it into practice in your real life. It brings in the sense of peace, love, and serenity and releases all bad emotions while meditating with it.



Being one of the highest vibration minerals, it is known to connect the heart of the mind and mind of the heart. It is a powerful heart chakra stone that relieves all emotional pain and increases the acceptance of self as well as of others. It also works with the third eye and crown chakra and opens up all the blockages within these chakras.

It enhances creativity, mental awareness, instills peace and lessens the fatigue level in an individual. It is powerful in slowing down the constant worry in your mind and is believed to be beneficial for insomniacs. It eases the transition and heals the past karma as well as old deep wounds.

The Danburite gemstone looks impressive when worn as a pendant, ring or earring. It is a stone of Leos and if you want to buy it, make sure that you perform the scratch test to avoid the goof up of buying quartz in its place. More, in case if you are looking for a diamond for yourself then also be extra cautious as danburite is the best substitute that is employed by jewelers and crystal healers. It is not that danburite is a cheap stone, but ya, it is nowhere near the exorbitant prices of diamonds.

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