Scenic Lodolite Is Not Just Scenic But Heals Too

With looks of landscapes, gardens and underwater vistas, the scenic lodolite is not just prepossessing but an outstanding healing gem nugget too. It has the energy that clean the soul, surroundings and aligns the disturbed frequencies of chakra. It is a kind of quartz that has varied colors because of different inclusions. The inclusions can be chlorite, feldspar and therefore the colors can be green, orange, red and cream.

The Scenic Lodolite Healing Properties are:


Scenic Lodolite Phy ImgPhysical Healing

Scenic lodolite is a powerful physical healer. It not only heals the body but amplifies the overall energy level. It cleanses the body organs, releases the unconstructive energy and makes the body fit and active. It is beneficial for the eyes; if there is an issue with the iris or pupil, it can set it right. It improves eyesight and strengthens the immune system. It works on the thymus, thyroid and pineal glands and treats the tissues that affect pancreas, spleen, and liver. It is an excellent natural antiviral agent that can keep cold, and flu at bay. It cures the skin issues, protects the respiratory tract, membranes and can heal nerve-related pain if you are suffering from pneumonia, ulcer, emphysema, bronchitis, staff or a dry cough then scenic lodolite can come as a big rescue. It soothes the pain of swelling, spasms, inflammation and treats highly infectious diseases. It mends the digestive disorders, kidney and bladder infection and is also said to relieve acute PMS, postnatal depression and other female reproductive issues. With it, you’ll feel ease to the problems like vertigo, insomnia, headache, and bipolar disorder.


Scenic Lodolite Emo Img

Emotional Healing

Landscape quartz has a very relaxing and calming effect on the emotional torso. It releases all the stress, wounded emotions, self-doubt that hold you back. It imbibes the loving energy of nature and transmits the same to you. It promotes joy, optimism, hope and keeps you energetic. It helps you in overcoming your challenges and achieve your goals. By releasing all the confusion from the mind, it helps in making the right decisions. It contributes to the higher thought process, creativity and vision for something exceptional in life. It enhances your writing, talking and artistic skills and lets you focus on your inner strength. It keeps mind and heart away from all turmoil and surrounds with very comforting vibes.


Scenic Lodolite Spr Img

Spiritual Healing

With golden inclusions and neutral hue, it is said that this stone has the power to bring the transformation in the lifespan of the wearer. It connects the spirit of the wearer with the spirit of the cosmic world to increase the spiritual energies. It helps you achieve the desired state of meditation, open the gateways and welcome the light of wisdom and pure energy in your soul. It is a useful nugget for the conscious channeling as well as for inter-dimensional communications.


The Scenic Lodolite is speculated to trigger the crown chakra and third eye chakra. With activated third eye chakra, you’ll better understand the happenings around you and with the balanced crown chakra, you will be able to handle the show of life boldly and logically.

Thus, this stone has complementing powers. It’ll make you sweeter, calmer, kinder and more appreciative. It let goes your fears and keep you grounded, aware and stable. Use this stone when you think you want to change or transform a part of your life. It is mined in the Minas Gerais area of Brazil and is also known as Lodolite scenic quartz, Inclusion quartz, Lodelite, landscape quartz, Scenic quartz, garden quartz or Lodalite quartz.

What makes this stone my favorite is the fact no two lodolites are ever the same. There is always going to be a different inclusion or pattern inside.

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