Coffee bean jasper is as invigorating as coffee

“There’s nothing as energetic as the first cup of coffee” WRONG! I feel meditating with coffee bean jasper stone in the morning is better than drinking the coffee to start your day with. Yes, this stone similarly like coffee, energies you, awakes you, make you aware, and brightens up your mood. The cocoa brown color of it makes it profoundly grounding while the dark chocolate colors are believed to maintain emotional consistency. This stone is useful in many ways but before I proceed with that let me give a brief history about it.

The coffee bean jasper has traditionally been revered as a stone that nurtures the well being of its carrier in all the ways. It has been regarded as a sacred stone that protects its carrier from all the negativities of earth and humankind. Ancient Egyptians believed it to be an arrowhead of love as well as protection. With various tints of brown and fairly reddish hue somewhere, this stone is set up all over the earth. The name of this stone is chosen considering the sheer resemblance of its color with coffee. It is an opaque variety of chalcedony and is majorly mined from Canada, Australia, Egypt, and India.


The healing properties of coffee bean jasper are as follows:


Coffee Bean Jasper Phy Img

Physical Healing

Coffee bean jasper has been accredited to maintain the overall health of the wearer. It clears the toxins from the organs, purifies the blood, and helps in the assimilation of nutrients in the body. It regenerates the damaged tissues and also eases you out from pain or irritation caused due to a headache or degenerative disorders. It is beneficial for insulin production. It cures the issues of eyes, ears, and throat and strengthens the immune system. It regulates the blood pressure, avoids fainting, and maintain light-headedness. It is particularly suitable for the stomach and bowels and is also thought to balance the mineral content in the physical body. It protects the skin from environmental allergies, improves nighttime’s vision and helps in overcoming deep exhaustion. Coffee bean jasper also aids blood circulation and thereby keeps all the organs fit and perfect.


Coffee Bean Jasper Emo Img

Emotional Healing

On the emotional count, the coffee bean jasper is known to release all the tension and stress from the body, bringing in calming energies. It creates a fantastic aura around the person making him feel happy and pleasant throughout the day. The energies of coffee bean jasper allow its holder to speak out his thoughts and ideas. It improves attentiveness, awareness, analytical abilities and unwraps the energies settled beneath the ill emotions. It makes you emotionally stronger and brings in the feelings of compassion, humbleness, and liberty. It helps you in regaining your normal routine after facing all unpleasant situations. It makes you emotionally consistent and brings in the sense of contentment.


Coffee Bean Jasper Spr Img

Spiritual Healing

The gleaming superiority of coffee bean jasper induces a tender vivacity in the quest for spiritual growth. It is mainly useful in the voyage of the past as it assists in recognizing the karmic debris and cleaning it carefully for a better life ahead. It kindles physic know how, awaken the intuition and is considered as a potent stone for a shamanic journey. It helps you in dealing with yourself. It brings wholesomeness to the soul and converts the negative energies into positive ones. Its strong connection with Mother of nature promotes you to live life naturally and inspires you to enjoy every small moment of life profoundly.



Coming to the chakra healing, the coffee bean jasper resonates best with the base chakra. It stabilizes the Ying/yang liveliness of its carrier and aligns the physical, emotional, and mental torsos with the earthy empire. It contributes to independence and natural leadership and is further known to maintain the flow of energy within the torso. It safeguards its carrier from ghosts, harmful spirits and fulfills all the wishes of its carrier.

With some impure varieties of silica inside, the coffee bean jasper stone is perfect to purify your life. It is magical, beautiful and mesmerizing. On my advice once, try your day with this stone instead of a cup of coffee.

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