Do You Know The Exciting Tale Behind Goldstone?

Majorly mistaken as a mineral, the Goldstone has bizarre folklore behind its creation. It is a form of glass which was produced long ago as a result of an accident by some monk. It is said that an alchemist monk during his experiments mistakenly poured copper shavings into the molten glass. The result was a hard, glossy element which was named as monk’s stone, monk gold or goldstone. In the ancient Italian times, it was also known as Aventurine glass which means accidental, by luck or by chance.

Another story which reveals the secret behind the creation of goldstone dates back to the seventeenth century where a Miotti family of Venice dealing into glasses, perfected the technique of creating a special kind of glass known as Goldstone. They kept the recipe of it a secret until another glass maker named Pietro Bigaglia bought it in the open in the nineteenth century. Today, this sparkling crystal is used with various other stones to make healing bracelets and necklaces. The small beads of it look stunning when polished to create beautiful jewelry items.

Proven that it is a human-made glass, it is highly debatable whether it has any metaphysical or healing properties or not. However, experts suggest that the copper content in it enhance the healing properties in it. So, the goldstone healing properties are:


Goldstone Phy Img

Physical Healing

Goldstone is considered as the best healer for the throat. It heals all the throat related troubles like thyroid, tonsils, cough, cold, laryngitis, etc. It can treat arthritis, rheumatism pain, and inflammation, provided you use a blue colored goldstone. It also reduces stomach tensions and deals with the reproductive system, urinary tract, and the lower back.



Goldstone Emo Img

Emotional Healing

As an emotional healer, the energy of goldstone helps you in keeping grounded and generous to others. Leaving your shyness behind, it makes you extrovert so that you don’t find yourself aloof in the group of people. It stabilizes your mood and instills faith in you about yourself. If you are facing any emotional turmoil or any tiff in the head, this stone will give you the courage and positivity to clear it up and move ahead in life. It harmonies the relationships, promotes vitality and revitalizes one’s energy field. It motivates you to attain your goal.



Goldstone Spr Img

Spiritual Healing

Goldstone bridges the gap between the physical world and the spiritual realm. It instills faith and believe in you for the supreme power and keeps you protected from all negative energies. It shows you the path for enlightenment, teaches you to enjoy life as it is coming and keeps reminding you that there is a light within the dark.



Goldstone crystal also balances the chakra. It is believed to activate the roots and sacral chakra which in turn brings confidence in the wearer to fight the weaknesses. Goldstone is a charming and appealing stone. It usually comes in the reddish-brown hues with copper flecks inside but can also be found in green and blue colors.

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