Benefits of Wearing Dinosaur Bone Jewelry

“Dinosaur bone jewelry,” Does that exist? This is the reaction of my clients when I show them the dinosaur bone gemstone. The dinosaur bone stone is basically a fossilized remain which has been permeated with mineral elements because of nature’s process over the years. The minerals that exist in this stone are quartz, chalcedony, agate, calcite and many more. Due to the combination of minerals, the stone emits a variety of colors. The brown and black are the most common whereas the red, orange green and blue also exist. Elements like chromium, manganese and iron oxide, all contribute to providing an unusual color tone to this stone. The yellow dinosaur bone is considered the most premium and rare to find.

Well, the beauty of this stone is not just limited to the colors, it has beautiful banded patterns over it. This gemstone is found in USA, New Mexico, Colorado and some parts of Arizona. Importantly, I think the fact that no two pieces of dino stone are identical in this world make this an exclusive possession. The dinosaur bone healing properties are


Dinosaur Bone Phy Img

Physical Healing

On the physical account, dinosaur bone is used to heal paralysis, fractured bone and fluctuations in the body temperature. It is an excellent detoxification agent that cleans the entire physical structure and aligns the energies in a way that the healing or treatment lasts longer. It is beneficial for skin treatment, allergies, internal organs and effectively deals with the problems of sterility. It helps shy people and propels them to speak out their thoughts or idea. It strengthens the immune system, purifies the blood, and removes weakness by boosting up the energy.


Dinosaur Bone Emo Img

Emotional Healing

Dinosaur bone has very calming effects on the emotional front. It alleviates all the bad feelings and destructive thoughts that disturb the mind. It cleanses your heart, lifts you from gloominess and gives you the mental strength to handle the situations around you. The energy of dinosaur bone encourages you to see the bigger picture in life by leaving behind all constraints or fears that you carry in your mind. It makes you responsible enough to take charge of your life and not play the blame game. It infuses logicality and practicality in your thought process, keeps all negativity or blockages away that acts as a hindrance in your productivity.


Dinosaur Bone Spr Img

Spiritual Healing

Meditating with dinosaur bone helps the wearer to focus on his spiritual growth. It makes the individual understand that life is a cycle of good and bad days. The smiles are bound to happen after some sad time. It nourishes the soul and promotes truthfulness and sincerity inside you. It improves physic abilities, perceptive visions, and self-awareness. It facilitates the transition between different brainwave states and supports the body while journeying and connecting the spirit guide. It helps you in recasting the past, provides you with the gift of karmic justice, allows you to forgive your self and align with the etheric plan for the present.


Talking about the chakras, it relates to root chakra. The activated root chakra will generate a sound sense of survival in you. It is a stone that is especially recommended for those who are working in stressful conditions or an oppressed work environment. It brings in that vibe of independence and leadership in you and also keeps you protected from the ill intentions of your foes. To experience all these benefits, try the dinosaur bone jewelry. It looks exquisite with beautiful color and patterns.

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