With Purpurite, You Can Speak With Confidence

“Speaking with confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” True, there are many people (whom I know personally) are intellectually genius but when it comes to putting their thoughts into words, they hesitate, they lack that confidence and clarity which a person should possess to convey across his mind. Well, the problem is not so severe, and it can be easily worked on with purpurite crystal. Yes, the energy of purpurite encourages to speak out your thoughts in one flow and in a way that it is understood clearly by another person. It removes the hesitation and gives you the confidence to speak not only in front of two or ten people but in a crowd of thousands.


What is Purpurite? Purpurite Meaning, Purpurite Healing Properties


Purpurite is a manganese phosphate stone with violet flame energy. Its name is derived from a Latin word ‘purpura,’ meaning purple. This stone is majorly purple in the shade because of manganese and iron contents in it and is found to be mined in Australia, USA, France, Namibia, and North Carolina. The effect of it on the physical, mental and spiritual level are as follows:


Purpurite Phy Img

Physical Healing

Purpurite is a high-frequency energy stone which is believed to transmute the illness into health. It removes the fatigue and exhaustion from the body and maintains a continuous flow of energy. It is an excellent body cleansing agent. It regulates the blood pressure, stabilizes the pulse and is helpful in curing hemorrhages. It strengthens the cardio-thoracic system and releases all kinds of aches and pains. The purpurite is believed to treat eye and autism syndrome. It can dwell you into the deep sleep, and can also upgrade the condition of liver and pancreas. It facilitates the transport of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body and thereby effective in healing any kind of bruise, cut or bleeding.


Purpurite Emo Img

Emotional Healing

As an emotional healer, purpurite stone firstly breaks off all the self-limiting thoughts which you have imposed on yourself and give you to courage to take the flight of your dreams. It not only fights with the internal negativity but also helps you in overcoming the external restraints. It let goes to your fears and helps you in recognizing the difference between real and fake. It induces flexibility in you and provokes you to take the initiative first. The purpurite brings your mind to a calm state after battling all the negative thoughts or temper modulations. It allows you to live in the present, accept the things as they are and see good in everything around. It motivates you to speak the truth and follow the path of right. With it, you will experience the inner growth and prosperity around.


Purpurite Emo Img

Spiritual Healing

The divine energy of purpurite encourages one’s nature of giving. It is hugely beneficial for the ones who are on the path of service of humanity or love to cultivate such an attitude. The purpurite makes you understand the value of “brotherhood of light”. It cleanses your aura, fills your chakra with purity and invites the spirit of magic, enigma, and nobility. It helps in comprehending the dreams and doing what is in the welfare of everybody. It lets you reflect in your soul and connect it with the higher realm so that the entire logic behind the existence and the future is understood. It enhances self-awareness, self-esteem and the development on the spiritual level.


Purpurite excites the crown and third eye chakra, synthesizing their energies to raise the spiritual emotional and physical healing. A healthy third eye chakra is a sign of good institution, trust, and compassion while the crown chakra is the source of universal energy and accuracy. It also provokes the heart chakra, helping you to be considerate towards others as well as understanding your own needs and emotions clearly.

The purpurite is counted as a purest stone of the violet ray. Its benefits are befitting and because of its beautiful color, its widely used in making earrings, pendant or bracelets. If you want to experience the magical power of this purple stone, then buy some purpurite jewelry. It will not only make you look stunning but will also bring a sense of peace and serenity in your life.

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