Grape Chalcedony Helps You In Finding A New Path

With an appearance like of a bunch of purple grapes, the Grape Chalcedony is not only enticing but intriguing too. Won’t arouse your interest if I say that it helps you find a new path, achieve something which you don’t possess but want to and is the best companion when you venture into something new? Yes, this crystal belongs to Seeker transformer Crystals category and is known for many of such brilliant properties. This crystal is also known as Grape Chalcedony agate or grape agate and is a crystalline version of quartz. Because of the round crystal-like structure that is formed together naturally, it got the look of grapes and thereby named as Grape Chalcedony.

The Grape Chalcedony Healing Properties are:


Physical Healing: The Grape Chalcedony is known to release all your physical pains and relax you completely. It takes away the minor pain from head, shoulder, neck, and lets you live a naturally healthy life. It heals eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, and blood and reduces the effects of dementia and senility. It improves the mineral assimilation too in the body.


Emotional Healing: People love to use Grape Chalcedony because of its energy of stability, maturity, and composure. This crystal is known to promote the feeling of brotherhood, benevolence, and generosity. It instills confidence in you, dissipates negative thoughts and uplifts your mood within the fraction of seconds. It makes you understand the reason behind the emotional turmoil and helps you in getting at peace with them. It avoids the sudden outbursts because of anger, irritation or frustration and brings the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in harmony. Children who often cry because of seeing bad dreams can keep this crystal below the pillow to avoid such nightmares. It always keeps the wearer pepped up, joyful and open. It safeguards the wearer from unrealistic or unreasonable thoughts and reduces insecurities or fear in him.


Spiritual Healing: This chalcedony has been used since ancient times to worship Goddesses and thereby it is believed that this crystal is unique, it has connections with god and is full of right energy. It activates your intuition, assists in dreamwork, and when kept in pocket or bag, it keeps channelizing its energy in you throughout the day. If you want to dive into your physic gifts, then Grape Chalcedony is the best stone.


This stone resonates well with the crown chakra. If you think that you are just too clumsy in your head or is stuck somewhere or surrounded by all negative thoughts then work with this perplexed purple beauty by placing it on your forehead. By doing this, you will also be able to see the new opportunities and positive things around. It will help you make understand the reason for your existence and induce you with the energy of ideas, fun, dedication, passion, and positivity.

Found in the Mamuju area of Indonesia, this stone is also sometimes sold by the name of Grape Chalcedony Indonesia. It’s a birthstone for Pisces and the people born between February 21 to March 21. It is a beautiful stone and looks mind-blowing when turned into various jewelry items.

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