Cuprite Eases The Irrational Fears

Everyone has some or the other fear in life. Some are scared of heights, while some are afraid of annual dental checkups. Amongst all such people, there are few who carry the weird irrational fears in life, the fear related to life or death. For example “ If I drive, I might meet an accident and die then and there.” Such fears are countless and incurable but then I think; we can try to alleviate them with the power of crystals. Yes, for the people who suffer from such irrational fears, cuprite can come as a major rescue.

What is cuprite? Cuprite meaning, Cuprite colors, Cuprite location, Cuprite benefits.

The word cuprite is derived from the Latin word “Cuprum”, because of the significant copper content in it. It was first described by the mineralogist, physicist, and geologist Wilhelm Karl von Haidinger in the year 1845. It emits crimson red, blackish red or red brownish hues depending on the mineral impurities present in it. Owing to these colors, it is also popular with some people as ruby copper or red copper. The places where it is found majorly are USA, Namibia, Congo, France, Japan, Russia, Mexico, and Australia. The cuprite healing properties are:


Cuprite Eases The Irrational Fears Phy Img


Physical Healing

The cuprite is very beneficial for female reproductive issues like hormonal imbalance, fertility, menopause, mensuration, PMS and cramps. It also addresses the problems related to bladder, kidney and works well on the metabolic imbalances. It helps in vitamin assimilation and also sets right the ligament or tissue injuries. If you have arthritis, height sickness, vertigo, dizziness, then cuprite is a stone to choose. It not only sorts out the issues associated with sexual functions but also restores the balance in the body post the childbirth. It promotes physical well-being, suitable for water retention and boosts energy levels.


Cuprite Eases The Irrational Fears Emo Img


Emotional Healing

Along with the physical well being, cuprite also handles your thoughts and emotions. It is a stone that keeps stress at bay. When at home or work, things go out of hand, you can count on this stone to clam you down. It won’t ever make you feel disconnected from life. It’ll keep reminding you that all these ups and downs are temporary in life and what matters in life is your thought process. It lets you take charge of your life. With it, you let go of all negative energies and feel great strength, wisdom, and vitality inside. It is a stone of altruism. It enhances the humanity inside you and makes you more responsible as a person. It helps you in making better decisions. It inspires you to take the initiative, be bold and keep all the worries and anxieties away. It brings harmony in relationships and makes you more sociable, happy and confident.


Cuprite Eases The Irrational Fears Spr Img


Spiritual Healing

Cuprite along with Charoite acts as a great meditation tool. It not only helps in achieving the deepest of meditative state soon but also enhances the exchange of messages between you and divine. It teaches the wearer to develop a sense of control and containment in himself.




Cuprite in addition to healing the root chakra and solar plexus chakra balances the heart chakra as well. The solar plexus chakra is the center of knowledge, personal strength and learning while the base chakra enhances the stamina, enthusiasm, and vigor in the body.

Overall this stone releases very soothing and relaxing energies when paired with Unakite. It brings calm and optimum state not only at an emotional level but also at the physical and spiritual level. This stone is prone to discoloration when kept in direct sun, therefore, I suggest that instead of wearing cuprite jewelry, keep a cuprite stone in your bag to avail all its benefits.

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