Dichroic Glass Guards The Spiritual Health

Look at this dichroic glass! Aren’t you feeling like placing it somewhere in the house and just lit up that area with its bright hues? Well, if you are thinking so then go ahead because it will not only lit up the house, it will lit up your life too. The dichroic glass healing properties are many and before I start telling them, let me introduce this glass briefly.

It is said that dichroic glass is human-made. NASA created it for self-help in space, and even laser industries took its benefit. It is made of metallic oxides and believed that these oxides have their energy in them. The healing properties are:


Dichroic Glass Phy Img

Physical Healing


The dichroic glass is said to possess the moon’s energy and therefore is effective in curing the infections of kidney and bladder. It is known to balance body fluids, hormones (acute PMS) and stabilizing the mood swings. It detoxifies the blood, assimilates vitamin A, B, and E and strengthens the overall immune system of the body. It is said that the color energy of it improves the eyesight, treats insomnia and relieves headaches. Titled as a feminine stone, some or the other way it helps in the phase of motherhood also. With it, you can get over the post-natal depression and also cure the bed wetting problem of your child. It relieves from the cycle of morning sickness and promotes good health overall. It takes away the physical pain and energizes the body. It heals the fractures, torn muscles and ligaments. It boosts the wearer’s metabolism and digestive system. It also keeps skin, hair, and nails healthy. It cures chronic fatigue syndrome and short-term memory issue.


Dichroic Glass Emo Img

Emotional Healing


The energy of the moon in the dichroic glass is believed to instill calmness and composure in the wearer. It lets you understand the logic behind the past experiences, let go of the bad ones and move ahead with learning from them. It keeps the mind stable, keeping all negative energies and emotions at bay. It heals chronic depression and goes you the strength to take charge of things or alter them. It spreads love all around and opens up the mind. With dichroic glass, you will be more expressive, accepting and forgiving. You will be able to make better decisions and accept the changes happening in life. There’ll be more of self-control, loss of rigidity and a motivation to do something great in life. It infuses positivity, love and that ability to take and hold the responsibility.


Dichroic Glass Spr Img

Spiritual Healing


The Dichroic glass guards the spiritual health. It lets you experience the spiritual light most outstandingly. Its frequencies help you achieve the highest meditative state quickly. It stimulates creative visualization and offers you truth and knowledge. It connects you with your spirit guide and helps in interpreting their message. It protects the aura, and as a good talisman, it keeps you safe and confident. It doubles the power of prayers and let you enjoy the purest and peaceful feeling of being close to supreme power.


With the vibrant hue and good energy, the dichroic glass resonates the crown chakra; the chakra which controls the emotions and thoughts. In addition to the crown chakra, this stone also activates the sacral chakra and third eye chakra. The third eye chakra enhances the level of spiritual communications, and the sacral chakra commands the gut feeling, intuition, and other communications.

The dichroic glass is exceptionally beneficial. Wear dichroic glass jewelry to experience all these benefits. There are wide designs and colors available.

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