Rainbow Obsidian Eye Is As Beautiful And Iridescent As Rainbow

Spreading the vibe of love, light, joy and positive energy, the rainbow obsidian crystal is just like a rainbow. I know, that the first glance of it is really not so pleasing with all-black hue emerging out but once it is exposed to light after being polished, it reflects a band of alluring rainbow shades. It is said that the rainbow obsidian eye is best for sensitive, gentle, and soft-hearted people. rainbow obsidian eye has numerous healing benefits, but before I proceed with them, I would like to tell you about its formation.

The obsidians are lava turned stones. They are often called volcanic glass because of its formation from quickly cooled lava. The major part in obsidian is of silicon dioxide (70%), the rest 30% are other impurities. The obsidians are available in the market in three varieties. One has some small white flakes in it known as snowflake obsidian. One is sheen obsidian, it has some gas bubbles which produce a golden sheen effect, and the third one is rainbow obsidian. The obsidians have an old and useful background. It is said that they were of great use in the stone age to produce sharp blades and arrows. Since it is a glass, it was polished to create mirrors. It was also used as surgical scalpel blades and for cutting and piercing the things.

The Rainbow Obsidian Healing Properties Include:


Rainbow Obsidian Eye Phy Img

Physical Healing

Rainbow obsidian is a useful stone for the body’s detoxification process. It unblocks all the clogged energies from all organs and facilitates better functioning of the entire body. The issues related to the circulatory system or arteries can be sorted out with this stone. It also treats eating disorders and helps in getting rid of addictions. With Obsidian, the pain of cramps or arthritis can be eased out. Overall, this stone helps in achieving the pink of health.



Rainbow Obsidian Eye Emo Img

Emotional Healing

The rainbow obsidian brings gratification and enjoyment in one’s life. I think it would not be an exaggeration if I call this, a stone of pleasure. By wearing this, all the negative energies stay at bay and vibes of optimism flows in. It gives you that reason or energy to be happy about or to live with. It cleanses all bitter emotions like jealousy, anger, resentment and helps in recovering in case of a broken heart. It gives you the courage to gather all the shattered pieces again and start a new chapter in life. It never lets you lose hope. It develops a deeper understanding of your emotions and makes you strong enough to control them. It sharpens your senses, unloads your heart, enlightens your mind, and keeps you safe from all physical, emotional and psychic harm. The rainbow obsidian may not cure the physical suffering like fever but correctly gives you an insight into the emotional cause behind it. It eradicates insecurities, depression and lets you maintain good relations with your near and dear ones.


Rainbow Obsidian Eye Spr Img

Spiritual Healing

Rainbow obsidian is believed to clean the soul from inside. It is synonyms to honor and honesty and assists in the growth of the person from every aspect. It expands the consciousness in the meditative state, enhances the connection with supreme power and leads the soul on the path of enlightenment.




The rainbow obsidian eye is best for strengthening the root chakra. It developed strength and stamina in the body, renews the spiritual energy and increases willpower, independence, and leadership. It helps you in bringing out the best version of yourself. It increases your confidence, ability to forgive and accept life as it comes. It guides you on the journey of love and keeps you motivated and productive always.

The rainbow obsidian crystal is available in many shapes. You can either wear a rainbow obsidian bracelet or rainbow obsidian necklace, the benefits of it will come showering on you. Just one thing to remember that this stone is not transferable. With so much power inside it is a shield for extremely sensitive people. You must clean it under running water on a regular basis to absorb the maximum of its energies.

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