Healing Crystals Of Our Independence

Independence Day is a very special day for every Indian. It is the day we remember the sacrifices laid down by hundreds of our fore-fathers who struggled to free the country of British rule. It is the day when our “tryst with destiny” truly had begun 71 years ago. It was on this day that after a hundred-year struggle we were finally able to live freely without rules imposed by others. It was the day which marked the beginning of a wonderful journey of a New India towards democracy, secularism, liberty, and equality. It was on this day that we finally were able to put faith in our leaders – people who belonged to us – to show us the path forward. The seven-decade journey hasn’t been easy and we have had our fair share of wars, political upheavals and more but it has been a fulfilling journey nevertheless. While the journey isn’t over and we have many milestones yet to reach, there won’t be a single Indian who isn’t proud of what we have achieved as an independent country. And that’s reason enough why we should celebrate 15th August with pride and loads of celebrations.

It is true that there are several ways to celebrate this important day of history but why do something conventional? Why not think of honoring the valor and the sacrifice of our forefathers by knowing a little bit more about Independence Day crystals? One of the most important symbols of our country is the national flag which is made of three colors – saffron, white and green. All the three colors have different meanings – saffron stands for strength and courage, white stands for peace, purity, and honesty while green stands for faith, prosperity and fertility. If you think of these colors in terms of healing crystals there are many gemstones that come into mind. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


Orange Stone Large Image Gemselect2



Saffron is an unusual color in gemstones. The nearest is orange and for the sake of convenience, we shall be talking about orange gemstones here. Spessartite Garnet, also known as Mandarin Garnet is found in vivid orange color. The stone derives its colors due to the presence of manganese and if the iron proportion is more than the shade tends to be redder. Orange Sapphire, a very rare variety of Sapphire should also be mentioned here. The best varieties of orange sapphire are found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Madagascar.




White Agate Stone Cabochons Oval Shape Flatback Loose Beads



If we are talking about healing stones for freedom, then we must surely talk about white-colored gemstones. One of the most prominent and widely popular white-colored gemstones is Moonstone. It is a stone that is known for its soothing vibrations. It is the ultimate stone that can lead a person towards peace and tranquility because it relieves stress and relaxes the nerves. Another stone that also has a calming effect is Selenite. We must also mention White Aventurine which is a stone that brings purity and clarity into one’s life.






When we talk about independence crystal, a color we cannot miss is green. It is an important color that defines the cultural fabric of our nation. There are gemstones and crystals in this color which cannot be ignored at all. Among the notable green colored gemstones, Sapphire must be mentioned. It is a hard stone ideal for jewelry making and is very popular. It is a stone that brings integrity and fidelity into one’s life. The green-colored sapphire is possibly the most famous of all. Jade is another gemstone that is popular for its bright green color. The stone is noted for bringing stability, serenity, wisdom, peace, and harmony into one’s life.



Gemstones are beautiful and deserve all the love and accolades that they get. If you too think gemstones deserve all the attention then celebrating Independence Day with crystal and gemstones wouldn’t seem a bad idea to you too. When shopping online for gemstone jewelry look no farther than Gemexi.com. We have in store a large collection of sterling silver gemstone jewelry that you must definitely browse through. You can buy individual pieces as well as purchase wholesale lots at reasonable rates. Check out our site to know more.

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